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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MY son? NO!

     Yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room, patiently waiting to receive full x-rays of my entire spine & my cell phone rings.  I would usually just let it go to voicemail & return the call afterwards (I think it is so rude to talk on the phone at public places like that), but I noticed it was my son's school, so I answered it.  It was the vice principal.  Once she identified herself, I was nervous.  I just thought to myself, "Lord, help us...someone has made fun of his brother & he beat them down."

     If you know my son, you know that he is the most wonderful teenager on the planet.  He is well mannered, caring, loving, tender-hearted, God fearing, & very empathetic.  He usually minds his own business, unless he sees someone getting hurt, then he will step in.  But, when it comes to his little brother, you just better not mess with him.  If you are going to speak about him negatively, Chancey will go off on you very QUICKLY.  So that is why that came to my mind immediately.

     But that wasn't what she was calling me about.  She was calling because a student advised one of the faculty members at school that MY son was bullying another student!  Wait, MY son is bullying someone?  The same young man who was teased for being different at his former school?  The same young man who advocates daily against bullying & for equal rights?  No.  NEVER!!

     As she was telling me this, I was in utter disbelief.  There is just no way Chancey bullied anyone!  Then she says to me "Mrs. Forrester, I want you to know that we DO NOT believe that Chancey bullied this student.  We just have to take each complaint of bullying seriously, therefore we have to investigate.  I can not tell you the name of the student, but I can tell you that he is no longer at our school.  It's just my job to tell you about the situation."

     I knew Chancey wouldn't do such a thing.  I began to tell her that Chancey has a little brother with Down syndrome, so I know he would never bully anyone.  BUT that I appreciate the fact that they are taking the complaint of bullying seriously, because so many children are truly victims of bullying.

     It made me so angry that someone would accuse my baby of being a bully.  But most of all, it makes me so angry that anyone would accuse someone of bullying, just to get attention or to just someone in trouble that they don't like.  There are people who are truly getting bullied that need the faculty to help them, not waste their time on false accusations.  I mean, seriously, haven't we all heard of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?"

     So, please, teach your children AND teenagers NOT to "cry wolf" when it comes to bullying.  Take my experience to heart & talk to your children AND teens about bullying.  Tell them NOT to bully anyone, PERIOD.  Don't tease people for being different...you don't know their situation, so don't judge or tease anyone, EVER.  But if they are being bullied or the witness anyone being bullied, tell an adult immediately.  And as adults, we need to remember to never judge anyone...our kids are watching & learning from our actions.  

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