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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just an update

I haven't been blogging much lately.  So I thought I'd post a few things to keep y'all updated.

Chancey is finally getting some help in Math II.  I've emailed the teacher a dozen times with no response.  So I emailed the counselor, twice...finally received a response.  He's having some problems with his knee.  His daddy has had knee trouble since he was Chancey's age, so maybe it's hereditary.  If he's not any better next week (since he's out of school & can sit down, take Advil & heat/ice it during that time), I will call the doctor.

Troy has a nasty cold (I hope that's all).  He was up around midnight all snotty.  He did sleep all night after that, but he woke up worse.  The doctor thinks it's a cold, so I'm monitoring him (& Mackenna).  He has learned to blow his nose, for that I am grateful & proud!!  He is loving Santa this year.  He called Santa last night, SEVERAL times...it was cute.  He is doing much better with the presents...he hasn't picked up one all week (that I know of).

Mackenna has started army crawling!  We keep on thinking that she is going to take off at any time crawling on all fours, but she hasn't yet.  She is trying to talk.  It's sweet to watch her with Troy...she tries so hard to talk to him, but her babbling is cute.  She can say Mama & hi/hey.  We're working on the waving...it'll come.  :)  She's sick, too.  She woke up crying around 4:30.  No fever, but I'm monitoring it, too.


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