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Monday, December 17, 2012

Guns, knives, electricity, OH MY!

     My heart aches for those who lost loved ones in the tragedy in Connecticut.  My prayers are with them all.  I hope & pray they take some comfort in knowing that their loved ones are safe in the arms of Jesus at this very moment.  I can not, nor do not EVER want to, fathom their pain.

     I don't know if we'll ever understand why this Adam fellow decided to kill his mother, go on a shooting rampage to kill those innocent people, then turn the gun on himself.  I'm not sure if they even have a scenario because I don't watch TV that much (especially the news).  All I do know is that this poor soul was extremely troubled.  He had to have been in order to commit these unimaginable murders.  

     I do know that the gun didn't shoot those innocent people.  Adam pulled the trigger.  Guns can't kill people.  They have the capacity, but they can not kill nearly 30 people without someone loading it, aiming it, & pulling the trigger.  We can not put the blame of this on the weapons.  We must blame the person.

     Like I said earlier, I don't watch TV very much, but I did catch a little bit of the coverage this weekend.  Every time I heard about this senseless act, I heard the words "gun control."  I am just baffled at how in the world any one could blame the guns.  Blaming the guns is like blaming cars for auto accidents!  The bullets did fatally wound those people.  Yes, that's a fact.  But how did those bullets get in the gun?  How were they expelled from the gun to the person?  How?  Adam pulled the trigger.  Let me say that one more time.  ADAM PULLED THE TRIGGER!  Without Adam & his insane mind, those guns couldn't have killed anyone.  Just like my truck sitting outside.  I'm not driving it, so I can not possible cause an accident in it right now.  

     I've lost many loved ones in my thirty-six years.  I've lost some people very near & dear to my heart.  I lost 7 beautiful children because of my own body.  I've lost many people because they lost their battle with cancer.  Some were killed in a car accident.  I've had a few friends pass away from a gun shot wound.  Some people died from complications due to diabetes & pneumonia.  Some people died with heart disease or due to a heart defect.  I even had a friend die from electrocution.

     So does this mean I should hate myself because my body attacked & killed my precious babies?  Or perhaps I should've had a hysterectomy after the first miscarriage?  If I would've done that, I wouldn't have Troy or Mackenna.  We're trying our best to cure cancer, heart disease, & diabetes.  Some heart defects can be repaired, sometimes complications arise after the repair.  I'm sure doctors are working on that aspect, too.  People usually overcome pneumonia, some just can't fight it.  But what about my friend who was electrocuted?  Should his family petition to ban electricity?  I've had several people, who were dear to me, die in a automobile accidents.  Should we all blame the automobiles for those deaths, too? 

     My point is that guns don't kill people.  The people who have those guns kill people.  The blame should be on the people.  Cars don't kill people, knives don't kill people, electricity doesn't kill people.  Evil people kill people, they just use weapons to do so.  

     I'm so relieved that all three of my children are safe at home with me today.  Chancey's school will be closed for Christmas break until 1/2/13 & for that, I am very thankful.  It would have been so hard for me to drop him off at school this morning.  I realize that the person who committed this horrible crime is dead.  I know it happened many, many miles from us.  But after a tragedy like this occurs, it's hard to get back on the saddle & ride that horse again.  I can remember when I was in a fatal car accident 16 years ago.  When it was time to leave the hospital, I didn't want to get in the car.  I wasn't driving when the accident occurred & I wouldn't be driving then, but it was tough for me to get in the car.  I also remember when I was finally able to drive after the accident....I was beyond scared.  But I knew that I couldn't let this one thing take over my life.  I was spared that day & at the time I didn't know why.  Now I do & I am forever thankful.  So now I intend on living my life to the fullest because I could've lost that opportunity on 7/9/96.  Yes, that day will live in my heart forever.  I will never forget it, but I have moved forward.  My prayer is that these families can move forward.  They'll never forget.  But they can move forward.


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