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Friday, November 2, 2012

Iris, girlfriend, Heaven ♥

     Something happened on Halloween night that I just have to share.  We were in the truck, headed to church, & I was having a conversation with my husband.  I asked him what a friend of his & his girlfriend were doing for Halloween.  Troy heard me say girlfriend &he immediately reacted.  He looked at me & said, "Iris, girlfriend, Heaven."  As I fought back the tears, I said to him, "yes, Iris is your girlfriend, she always will be.  And yes, she is in Heaven."  He looked up to the sky & said "Iris, me, Heaven."  I told him that one day he'd go to Heaven to see Iris but not right now.  For the next few minutes he keeps on saying "Iris, girlfriend, Heaven" & looking up, as if he could see her.  :')  It just touched my soul so much that I had to text Iris' mama.  Now I can't stop thinking about that conversation.

     I just know that he could see her.  Not that I don't think that she's even Heaven, I KNOW she is.  It just amazes me that he could see her.

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