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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9

     Today's fact:   90% of parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, terminate the pregnancy.  Yes, you read that right...90%!  If only those parents knew what I know....because if they did, there's NO WAY they'd have an abortion.  See, I am the lucky one.  My son is only 1 of the 10% of children who receive a prenatal diagnosis & live to tell about it!  :)
     Did your jaw hit the floor?  "What....she had a prenatal screening?  But she's anti-abortion...& she found out her son has Down syndrome & kept him?"  Yes.  I had the CVS test when my doctor noticed my baby's neck was a tad thicker than it should be.  He advised me & my husband that there was a 1, maybe 2% chance that my baby would have Down syndrome.  We opted to do the test because I am the type of person that likes to be prepared.  I began research Down syndrome immediately.  All of the materials that I read made it seem so glum.  Which is very disappointing because that could be why the abortion rate is so high.  These scared parents research this chromosomal abnormality, just like I did,  & see what I saw.  They question themselves, & decide termination is best.  That's why I firmly believe that every OB office should have pamphlets in their office that have the facts from parents who have done this, who actually have children with Down syndrome.  Then, perhaps, they wouldn't be so scared.  I know that I had my mind made up.  Nothing or no one was going to convince me to terminate my son.  Even if he had a life threatening condition & he wouldn't live long after he was born...I couldn't end his life.  That's not my job.  If these scared parents had some reassurance, it wouldn't be so difficult.  Maybe one day this idea of mine will come to life & that awful termination rate will go from 90% to 0!

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