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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31

     It's the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  However, every day is an awareness day in our lives.  We try to educate people every day of the year.  That's the only way we can change this cruel world, by spreading awareness.

     I wanted to end this 31 for 21 challenge by speaking from my heart.  All I can speak truthfully about is my journey thus far & hope it helps someone.  Perhaps I can encourage someone....we all need a little of that every now & then!  :)

     When I found out my son had Down syndrome, I was crushed.  I felt like I was being punished by God.  Boy, was I wrong!  God wasn't punishing me at all, He was actually blessing me!  See, I would have never, in a million years, wanted a child with Down syndrome...that is until I was given one.  My journey as Troy's mother has taught me so much, things I could've never learned without having him as my son.  I can attest to the saying "I never knew I wanted a child with Down syndrome until I was given one!"

     Having Troy doesn't feel like a burden, like some people may think.  It's more like feeling as if God kind of trusts me more because He gave me a child with special needs.  Raising a child with special needs is challenging.  You have to learn patience.  A LOT of patience, which is NOT my strong suit.  I had to learn to wait on him to hit his milestones a little later than 'typical' children.  But, that just means that I get to watch him grow up a little slower, which is nice. 

     He is also a very picky eater.  Not sure if that is related to his something extra, or  not.  But I do know that my 6 month old daughter is more interested in food than he is!  He won't try new foods, foods I think he'd love if he'd only try it.  Again, patience comes in to play.  He only wants to eat what he wants to & there's no changing his mind.  However, he is growing well, so I shouldn't be concerned.  He went to his GI doctor last week.  His doctor was amazed that he was thriving so well.  He couldn't (NEITHER COULD WE) believe that Troy weighs almost 32 lbs! 

     We work on things everyday.  I am anxious to get him to learn the alphabet & to count, so that's the first thing we work on.  He will say some of the abc's, but not all of them together.  I've learned that he's a big visual learner, so we do flash cards everyday.  I have some with the letter on one side & an example on the other side.  He can look at them & tell me what each & every one of them is.  Sometimes he confuses E for F & M for W, but once I say, "no, that's not it" he remembers.  He can count to 10 with help.  He does great, except for occasionally forgetting the 1 & 2.  So, again...patience.

     Troy is also very stubborn.  He wants what he wants when he wants it.  My husband tells me he's just impatient, like me.  But I'm not that impatient.  If he's thirsty & I'm feeding his sister, he's not going to wait until she's finished, he wants his milk right then.  That's why I've learned to go ahead & fix his cup while I'm waiting on her food to warm...then I don't have to make him angry.  He also loves Sesame Street, Calliou, & Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  He knows what time during the day that they come on & he will tell you, right quick like, what we should be watching.  He gets his way every week day, but on the weekends, the line up is not the same on PBS.  But he doesn't understand that.   Don't get me wrong, I love these shows.  They have taught him a LOT!  However, I do appreciate watching some age appropriate tv shows myself & he's not for that one bit.  Yep, you guessed it...PATIENCE!

     I've told you some of the reasons why I have to be patient, but I haven't told you some positive things about him.  He is so handsome & loving.  So forgiving.  He's smart, clever, determined, dedicated, hard working, fun, energetic (which is tough for this mama, at times), sweet, kind, polite, loveable, caring, tender hearted, generous, & just plain wonderful.  He can brighten my day just by smiling at me.  At times, just hearing him say, "Love you, Mama" brings tears to my eyes. 

     This one little boy has humbled me so much, has shown me the meaning of unconditional love, & is teaching me more patience than I ever imagined having.  It's like he took a meat tenderizer to this hardened heart.  He's just so awesome!  I just wish the world could feel for 5 minutes what I feel every second of every day by simply being his mother.  If everyone could experience his pureness, his genuineness, I think the world would be a better place!

     I hope you enjoyed reading my blog & my facebook posts this month.  Enjoy what's left of today & be safe tonight if you're trick or treating.  HAPPY DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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