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"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26

     One year ago today, a dear Princess went in to have her broken heart repaired.  I cried most of the day, praying to God to heal her little heart.  Today, I've cried on & off all day, praying for God to heal her mommies' hearts.  RIP Iris Catherine Palma...in the presence of the Lord, but forever in our hearts. ♥

     My journey through life has taught me many things.  One thing that I have learned is to never take any one for granted.  Always tell those you love that you love them, because they may not draw their next breath...or you may not draw yours.

     In my house, our lives are far from perfect.  I am a typical woman...I nag, complain, gripe...because I am human.  I am trying, with the help of my Lord & Savior, to be a better person.

     But, I know that I am blessed.  I know that God is showing favor to us for admitting our shortcomings & trying our best to be the people He wants us to be.  We are far from there.  Far from there because we are human.  We can't be perfect, no matter how we try.  That's the glory of a forgiving God.  He forgives us when we don't deserve it.

     God has given me a near perfect mate.  My husband is the best man I know.  A man that I hope my boys grow up to emulate.  He loves me, even though I don't deserve his love.  He gets up every day to go work to provide for our family & he works hard for us.  He never goes out partying or to bars...never has a 'guys night'...NEVER!  He has sacrificed so much for me & our children.  And he loves us like crazy.  I could not imagine a better man for myself & our children.

     God has given me 3 impeccable children.  Chancey, he's 15 & a sophomore in high school.  He is very intelligent & has the best heart I've ever seen in a young man his age (other than his Daddy).  As a matter of fact, this is what one of my cousins commented on a status of mine on facebook:  "He is a wonderful person and an outstanding example of a truly good heart. He will make some lucky girl very happy one day, and if he is this good of a brother just imagine what kind of a Daddy he will be! The world could use many more Chanceys!"  So, see, I'm not biased!  :)  He is a typical teenager in some ways.  He does complain sometimes when we ask him to do certain things.  We have to remind him (A LOT) sometimes to do some things.  But I can tell you that he loves his family with his entire soul.  He really is going to make one lady very happy one day.
     Troy is 3 1/2...well 3 3/4, he'll be 4 in January.  He is also very intelligent & has a beautiful heart.  If he loves you, he LOVES you!  You can break his little heart by spanking him or telling him no, then a few minutes later, he's over it.  He doesn't hold it against you, he doesn't hold a grudge, PERIOD!  The world would be a much better place if we could all hold that quality.  He has taught our entire family so many things so far.  He is very determined & dedicated.  He works very hard to accomplish what he's trying to accomplish & he always succeeds!  I look forward to watching him grow into a young man.  

     God knew that I have always wanted a daughter.  He knew that I love my boys with my entire heart & soul, but I wanted a little girl, too.  In fact, I really want 4 kids...but I doubt that's going to happen, but who knows!  Anyhow, my Mackenna is 6 months old.  She is the happiest baby I have ever seen.  She loves us all so much & gets so excited when we interact with her, which is A LOT!  She's so beautiful & is already letting her intelligence shine!  I just hope & pray that she doesn't inherit some of my bad traits. 

     My point is this.  If God has blessed you, thank Him.  Then tell those you love that you do love them.  It doesn't matter if you just spoke with them, tell them.  It doesn't matter if you haven't spoken with them in days or weeks or even years, tell them.  God wants us to be happy.  He wants us to love & be loved.  Tomorrow is never promised to any of us.  Just think of how you'll feel if someone you love passes away & you don't have the chance to tell them you love them!  You think swallowing you pride will hurt more than that?  If you've hurt someone, apologize.  You can't be forgiven until you ask for forgiveness!!  If someone apologizes, accept it.  Move on.  Love.  Be happy!
    {I know that I'm supposed to blog about Down syndrome awareness this month, but I had to write this...it was just laid upon my heart.}

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