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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25

     Troy has to go to his Gastroenterologist this afternoon.  Which means a trip to Atlanta.  But, we love his GI doctor so much...he's the best!

     So today, I wanted to blog about Troy's medical issues.  You know, some people see that Troy's heart issue is devastating enough in itself.  And it really is.  It hurts my soul to know what all he's endured during his short little life. 

     But I look at him & think that things could be much worse.  At least his heart condition is treatable, manageable.  So is his stomach issue.  Just simple reflux, managed with medication. 

     He also has a thyroid imbalance.  It was noticed in January, during his routine blood work.  He sees Pediatric Endocrinologist in Atlanta, who is monitoring it.  Right now, he's not on any medication & some thyroid issues have been ruled out.  So we go back in January to have another test to check his thyroid function to determine the next step, if any.

     He also has some crossing of his left eye...better known as lazy eye.  We are patching his right eye to force him to use his left one, which should strengthen it.  So far, it's helping tremendously.

     He also has hypersensitive hearing.  He can't stand loud noises at all.  He does well at church with the singing & preaching, but he can not stand screaming or babies crying.  He doesn't tolerate hammering or banging very well, either.  We just try to avoid these situations & if we have to go somewhere that we know will be loud, we try to help him cope.  So far, so good.

     See, it's really not that bad.  Yes, he has multiple problems for which we see several specialists for.  Which also means that most of my husband's vacation time is used to take us to & from these appointments.  But, we wouldn't have it any other way!  I'd rather spend all day, every day shuffling between appointments than not to have my little boy!  I love him & no diagnosis is going to change that!

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