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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23

The "R" word:  When you see approximately 8 medical professionals on a regular basis,& once in a while they throw in "that word" to describe your child's issue, or you see it written in a file, a little piece of you just hurts.  BUT, in a line at the grocery store, you hear kids giggle, & you hear that word, you cry a little. Hoping your child didn't hear that it is a "funny" word or didn't see them point.  You see a parent, that instead of telling their child that it is not right to use ugly words, or to hurt a child, they giggle with them. "Oh, they didn't mean it like that...they weren't talking about your kid...they were just making a joke, it doesn't hurt anyone."  We all know that WORDS HURT!!!  Children die everyday because they are being bullied!  It's usually just words.  However, the pain builds.  Children all over the word cry themselves to sleep at night because you think things are funny.  Children die because you don't teach humanity & kindness to your children.  Every time you condone such actions, you put another nail in a child's coffin.  It is no different than any other ugly word!  PLEASE, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!  Set an example for your children.  Teach your children respect & kindness...make them better than we are...let them LIVE!  ~Thank you, Kimberly Dawn Allen-Strong for posting this on Facebook!   

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