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Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22

     We've had a rough few days lately.  With my illness flaring up & Mackenna's teething, it has been rough on us all.  But thank the Lord for giving me the most wonderful, loving husband, spectacular children, & a fabulous church family. 

     So let the awareness spreading begin!

     You know, a lot of parents do not like for people to ask "is your child high functioning?"  Many people are insulted by this question.  Yes, I am one of them.  High-functioning refers to someone that is performing above what would be expected of them.  Thus the term is actually a comparative term & is  rather subjective (or based on someone's opinion).  It can also be a somewhat simplistic term in that it tends to have an "all or none" connotation - that is a person is either high-functioning or not.  In reality, most people (with & without Down syndrome) have a mix of skills and abilities where they may be high functioning in certain areas & not in others.  For example, I can spell rather well, it just comes naturally to me.  But I absolutely do horribly in algebra (or anything other than basic math)!  Does that make me a high functioning speller & a low functioning mathematician?

     People should not put these types of labels on any one.  It's just wrong.  Whether they have Down syndrome, Autism, or no challenges, people are people...PERIOD.  Labels are wrong & insensitive.  Sure, my son is very verbal.  But to say he's high functioning is wrong.  I work with him from sun up to sun down every day, he works very hard to say the words he says.  Yes, he walked at 26 months after undergoing 3 life saving heart surgeries.  That's not high functioning, that's pure determination & hard work.  Troy is very smart.  But that doesn't make him high functioning, that makes him a dedicated, determined, hard working boy.

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