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Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19

     Did you know that there is pure awesomeness stored in my son's extra chromosome?  Yes, it's a proven fact.  Need proof?  Keep on reading.  :)
     I'm trying to teach Troy that Chancey is his brother & Mackenna is his sister.  I thought he had no idea what I was telling him because he usually tunes me out when I'm talking about it to him.  Boy, was I wrong!  Yesterday, I decided to test him a little.  I said, "Troy, take this toy to your sister."  He took it from me, walked right up to her exersaucer, & said "toy, Nena," as he gave the toy to her.  I was amazed!  Then I thought "well, if he knows that, then he'll know who is brother is."  I said, "Troy, who is your brother?"  He looks at me & says "Chancey."  :')  Oh, the pride I felt!  I looked at my husband as he was washing the dishes.  I asked him if he heard that.  He said, "yes...of course he knows that.  He's super smart!"  Yep, indeed he is!

     Most brothers & sisters fight like cats & dogs.  Not my children.  I'm sure it will change as Troy & Mackenna turn older, but right now, their bonds are so wonderful.  I expected Chancey & Troy to love each other, but not to have the inseparable bond that they share.  See, Chancey will be 16 in March & Troy will be 4 in January.  They are so far apart in age.  You'd think that Chancey would be annoyed at Troy coming into his room daily to play.  You'd think that he wouldn't want anything to do with his little brother, he's a teenager, they have their own minds (LOL).  But, that's not the case.  Not the case at all!  Chancey loves playing with Troy & vice versa.  I love it!  Troy tries to play with Mackenna.  She's a little too small to play right now, but she just loves him.  He'll do everything in his power to make her laugh.  He shares with her & she tries so hard to talk to him  It's so sweet.

     Troy also knows that his Daddy calls me everyday at lunch.  He knows when the phone rings that it's his Daddy.  He will come sit beside me on the loveseat & say "more, Daddy, please."  They'll talk for a bit, & his day is set.  :)  He also knows that his Granny or Grandpa call everyday.  He knows who it is when the phone rings.  Sometimes he won't hush until he talks to one or both of them, sometimes he's just comforted in knowing that they called.  Isn't that amazing?

    One more example & I'll hush.  We're working hard on the alphabet.  I have bought him some simple flash cards that have the letter on one side & an example on the other side.  Like A has Aa on one side & a picture of an apple on the other side & up under the picture it says apple.  Not only does he know almost every letter (he misses E occasionally & M most of the time...because he thinks M is a W until I say no..then he realizes it's M), but he also knows what the picture is & verbalizes that too.  For example, for A he will look at the card & say "A for apple."  :)  He does that for every letter.  Now, if I can only get him to say the alphabet...he gets bored with that after H (LOL)!

    See, I told you that pure  A W E S O M E N E S S  is stored in his extra chromosome!  I am so proud of Troy.  I am so proud of Chancey & Mackenna, too!


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