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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18

     I thought I'd write about something my son did this morning for today's entry.
     My son LOVES Sesame Street.  He has to watch it twice a day (sometimes more) & yes, I allow it.  He doesn't watch senseless cartoons or other programs...just PBS (mainly Sesame Street & Caillou...occasionally he'll watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior), & he has learned so much from these programs.  It is helping me teach him his colors, ABCs, how to count, etc.
     I was busy editing some pictures this morning while he was watching Sesame Street & my daughter was napping.  My computer (& Troy's little couch) is right beside the TV so I could see & hear everything that was being said.  I noticed that this segment was Murray asking what the noise on the street was.  I could hear a penguin making noise & a hopping sound.  All of the sudden, I hear Troy say "Penguin, stick."  {if you are familiar with this segment, you know that they play the sound, but do not show what it actually is until a few moments later, so the children can make a guess} I looked up after he said that, to see what the noise actually was, & guess what it was?  A penguin on a pogo stick! I looked down & said, "good job, Troy."  He smiled & said "Penguin says waa waa."  You know me, my heart filled with pride & my eyes filled with tears.  That's it, son!  Show the world that people with Down syndrome are intelligent...despite what some may think!  Tear off those labels & make your own! 

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