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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11

     The behavioral challenges seen in children with Down syndrome are usually not all that different from those seen in typically developing children. However, they may occur at a later age and last somewhat longer. For example temper tantrums are common in 2-3 year olds, for a child with Down syndrome temper tantrums may begin at 3-4. 

     I'm sure you've heard of the "terrible twos."  Well, my son didn't go through those.  Nah, now that he's almost 4, he starts them.  I guess you'd call this the "terrible three & a halves."  ;)

     If you tell my son, "no," sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't.  It's not because he doesn't understand, it's to test us.  To see what he can get away with.  He's generally so well behaved, but at times, he's so defiant.  He will deliberately do something you told him not to do & look at you like "I'm going to do it anyway...what are you going to do about it?"

     When we're in public, we try to let him walk sometimes.  For instance, if we're going in to a restaurant, we'll hold his hand & let him walk to the door, to the table, etc.  Sometimes he will try his best to break free & run off.  He thinks that is hilarious...but it scares me so much.  Another example:  I had an appointment yesterday & I took both of my little ones.  I put my daughter in her stroller & let Troy help me push his sister.  That worked from the vehicle to the waiting room.  But after that, he didn't want to help anymore.  He wanted to run around.  As we were leaving, we had to go through 2 different doors, back to back.  We pushed the handicapped button & the first door opened, but the second door didn't.  I pushed the button again, nothing.  Trying to hold his hand, push a stroller, & open the door with only 2 hands was a tad difficult.  I got the door opened & my daughter's stroller was stuck (the wheels were sideways...go figure).  I didn't have a good grip on Troy, so he took advantage & let go of my hand.  Thank goodness I was fast enough that he only took 2 or 3 steps, but still, I was heartbroken.  What could've happened just kept playing over & over in my mind.  I know, he was fine.  But I can assure you that by the next time I have an appointment, I WILL have a double stroller so this can't happen.

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