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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"What had happened was..."

     Do you know what happens in 5 days?  The start of Down Syndrome Awareness Month!  Which also means the start of 31 for 21 for me.  :)  But I just couldn't wait that long to share what happened yesterday!
      I already posted on facebook how Troy was sharing his cookies with his Crunch & Count Cookie Monster.  But I was too busy to get back on & report that he counted to TWELVE all by himself!  And how when he wants something he says please!  Oh, & how he has stopped signing the words 'thank you' & 'please' when he says them.  He still signs 'more' sometimes & 'girl' & 'boy' all of the time....but those are the only signs he uses! 
     Last night, Mackenna was in her Bumbo seat as she played with one of her musical toys.  Troy had a plastic spoon pretending to eat out of the bowl he had just had his nighttime snack in.  He realized that he could reach her, so he came up to her, & was pretend feeding her with his spoon & bowl!  How sweet is that?  He was sharing with his little sister!  He just loves her & she loves him, too!  She thinks he's something.  He can stand in the floor & dance & she'll laugh uncontrollably!  And they both think the world of their big brother, Chancey.
     I realize that it seems silly for me to be happy over just everyday things.  But it's those little things that make me smile.  You see, Troy has fought so hard just to be here with us.  And to see him thriving & accomplishing these simple tasks is amazing to me.  When you have a child with special needs, you tend to cherish every little accomplishment & treasure every milestone.  Those simple things turn into HUGE hurdles & once you clear one, you don't forget it...the pride just wells up!  So I do tend to brag a bit.  I'm not trying to be boastful, but to show how proud I am.  And ALL of our children deserve recognition for doing their best & showing such determination. 
     What are your plans for celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness Month?  Are you doing the 31 for 21, too?  Are you posting facts vs myths on facebook?  Are you going to a Buddy Walk?  Are you wearing an Awareness ribbon all month?  I'd like to hear your plans.  I'm doing all of the above! 

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