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Monday, September 17, 2012

Public school or homeschool

I have been back & forth on this subject since before Troy was born.  At first, I thought, he'll go to school.  I want him to be as typical as possible.  Then, after hearing SO many horror stories, I decided that I'd homeschool him.  After all, he does interact with other children at church...that's enough for me.  Plus, he has a mild form of sensory processing disorder.  He can not stand loud noises or hearing screaming/crying.  It makes him very upset & he cries for what seems like forever.  But, since we moved districts, I thought, "well, maybe I'll allow it, now."  Well this was until I called the school system to find out that I can't choose what school he goes to.  It's all based on his needs & which school can satisfy those needs.  So even though the school I want him to go to is just a few miles away, he probably won't be able to go there!  Plus, it's a charter school now, so I'd have to apply (which I am completely clueless about...how in the world can the county force you to pay to go to Elementary school.  I'm not sure how that process works) & pay tuition for him to attend there....which is fine, if they'll accept him.  So he could possibly be going to the other end of the county, on a school bus without seat belts or car seats (I'm assuming), just to go to school?  Um, no! 
I'm a firm believer that God makes things apparent to us when we have questions.  And my husband & I have been questioning this whole school dilemma for years now.  I think God but us at the right place at the right time on Saturday.  We were walking around a local festival & this lady stopped my husband (he was pushing Troy in his stroller, while I pushed Mackenna...I know, I know.  I NEED a double stroller, but they are expensive).  I heard her say, "I've just got to see this baby" so I stopped, too.  We began talking & she has a son with Down syndrome.  We talked for quite some time.  She told us that her son went to school in 3 different counties.  First, he went to an awesome school especially made for kids with special needs.  But circumstances forced them to move & he could not attend that school any longer.  The school system they transferred to was good, but not as great as the school he was in.  A while later, they moved to our county.  He was tested & placed at a school.  She told us how she went to pick him up early & unexpectedly one day from that school.  She looked around the classroom & couldn't find her son.  So she asked the teacher & parapro.  The looked at each other in disbelief that she was there.  She noticed that the credits of a Disney movie was playing on the t.v.  She began to worry.  She noticed a refrigerator box in the middle of the room, so she picked it up to find her son in there.  He had been crying for so long that his eyes were swollen & snot ran down his chin.  She said he had never cried a day in his life!  She was horrified.  When she complained, she was told that she could go ahead & make a lawsuit....that it'd be tied up in court for 15 years, they hoped she had the money for that.  OH NO!  Let me tell you that if someone did that to my Troy, heads would be rolling!
This isn't the first time I've heard of kids with special needs being mistreated in our school system.  My mother in law talked with a lady who did her hair one day & she told her that her son is Autistic.  She went to pick him up early one day to find him tied to a chair!   
My husband & I talked about it, & we believe it's best for Troy for me to homeschool him.  Unless I can get him in the school I want him in, that's going to be the decision.  So if any one knows how I can get him in to this school, PLEASE let me know.  Also, if you know how this charter school thing works, PLEASE let me know.

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