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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not every superhero wears a cape, sometimes they have almond shaped eyes!

This is something that I just had to share.  :)  We recently got Comcast (since DirecTv can't get a signal hear) & now we have 2 remotes...1 for the t.v. & 1 for the receiver.  Last night, I asked my husband "Mack, have you seen the remote?"  He said "No," as he began looking for it.  Troy was sitting on the side of the loveseat that I sit on.  He immediately looked on the end table, found it, held it up, & said "Mote, mama."  Mack & I looked at each other, smiled, & praised him for finding it.  :)  How brilliant was that?  I was so proud of him...still am!
Troy also has started talking in sentences!  If you ask him, "Troy, what does the tiger say" (yep, had to choose my tiger...GEAUX TIGERS!) he'll say, "tiger says roar."  And Chancey taught him the cutest little thing.  If you ask Troy what the baby says, he'll say "baby says waaaaa!"  LOVE IT!  And when he walks out of one room, even if he's only going a few steps, he'll tell everyone that is in that room that he loves them.  Hey, even if they aren't in the room & he loves them, he'll tell them he does.  For example, this morning, he was walking from the living room to the kitchen.  He said, "love you, Mama.  Love you, Nena.  Love you, Daddy.  Love you, Chancey."  How wonderful is that?
He can also count, somewhat.  He forgets to start with one, two...just skips to three, four, five, six...but hey, he's learning.  He knows most of his alphabet.  He can recognize almost every letter.  He's learning his colors.  He's got yellow down pat.
Oh, & last night, he noticed my apple swag that I had recently hung over the window in the kitchen.  He kept saying "apple."  I said, "son, I'd be glad to cut you an apple if you'll eat it."  He persisted, so I cut one up into bite sized pieces.  He ate almost all of that apple!  Those of you who know Troy, know the struggles we have getting him to eat.  And know how thrilled I am at this!!
We take Chancey to school every morning.  This morning, I go to get them out of the back & Troy is holding Mackenna's hand.  He didn't want to let it go.  Then when we got inside, he played with her until she fell asleep in her exersaucer.  When she woke up , we all played, & she was fed, I put her in her swing so I could talk to their daddy at lunch.  Troy went over to her & was playing with her...tickling her, talking to her.  They both laughed & laughed.  I don't know what they found so amusing, but it made my soul smile.
It just amazes me to the uttermost because this is the same child that doctors told us to terminate.  I remember being told that his life wasn't worth living.  Well, let me make it perfectly clear.  Troy was worth it!  He always has been, always will be.  He may not be where a typical 3 1/2 year old should be, but he's getting there!  He works hard to overcome all of these obstacles every second of every day.  And we all know that God doesn't make mistakes.  We are all made in His image.  What perfection!  You know, not every superhero wears a cape, sometimes they have almond shaped eyes!  And my superhero has the most beautiful almond shaped eyes. ♥

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