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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can you say STRESS?

     We've had a whirlwind the past 2 weeks!  Can you say STRESS?  PHEW!  Trying to get moved, get Chancey's schools moved, fix the things that needed repairing at our 'new' house, moving the utilities, Internet, cable, change addresses, cleaning & repairing the old house...all while trying to do our normal daily routines.  Then, guess what...I get West Nile!  It's awful!  I've been sicker, so it's not the end of the world, but it's really tough being sick & trying to move & get situated in a new place.
     Chancey is loving this!  He had a rough go at moving though.  It was all up to him and his daddy to move all of the heavy stuff.  It was really up to them to move it all because I was tending to the 2 little ones.  My mother in law & father in law came a few days to help us, too...but they aren't able to lift much.  Without their help, we would've never been able to pull this off.  Anyway, Chancey is LOVING his new school (well, the school is new, but he knows most of the kids in his grade since he went there from 1-7 grades).  And I'm loving that he comes home happy instead of grumpy!
     Troy has had a harder time than I imagined he would.  He finally took a nap yesterday in the new place & went to bed at a decent hour without screaming his head off!  I'm hoping he's finally settling in.
     Mackenna hasn't cared about any of it.  She was not happy when we couldn't hold her all of the time while we were trying to get everything moved, but she has adjusted well.  Still sleeping all night.
     But I tell you, it seems like everything is falling apart!  We had to fix Chancey's entire room before we could move in.  We had to clean it top to bottom...EVERYTHING in it was plumb filthy!  We finally got it clean...carpets shampooed, Chancey's floor fixed & recovered & his room painted, the kitchen walls wiped down, cabinets cleaned & shelving paper put in, fridge & oven cleaned...the whole 9 yards.  Then guess what...yep, you know SOMETHING has to go wrong!  The drain to the A/C was improperly installed so the condensation was leaking into the floor in the living room/hall!  Just after my wonderful husband shampooed the carpet!  I called Comcast to have Internet & cable installed on Friday (8/31).  They came out to install the Internet, but didn't have an order for the cable!  The tech hooked our TV up so we could receive the local channels, though.  So I called DirecTV to just have our old service transferred over here.  They came out yesterday, but couldn't hook up the HD.  That tech said he was calling in a second opinion & he'd let me know if we could get any type of service.  Well, guess what, NOPE...he never let me know a thing.  I had to end up calling DirecTV to find out the problem.  So I just cancelled my service & called Comcast to get them out for our cable & phone (our cell service is awful here...we live in the jungle, or so I say...that's why I got the West Nile...can't walk from my front door to my vehicle without mosquitoes swarming me).  They can't come out until Saturday, but hey, at least we can have HD!  I hate that we have to pay for a house phone, but I hate for something to happen to one of my kids or my husband & we have no service.  We plan on clearing the jungle, but that'll have to wait until Spring.  My husband is going to spray for these mosquitoes when he gets home from work.  He had to fix the A/C yesterday, plus it was raining, so it would have been redundant.  I know, you're thinking just spray some repellent on before going outside.  Yep, tried that.  They still eat me alive.  Tried putting dryer sheets in my pockets, citronella oil & candles, citronella plants, wearing pants, the Off fans...nothing keeps them off of me!  The only thing that half works is the Off fans & I have one on each hip going each time I walk out the door.  I wish I knew what caused them to be attracted to me so much so I could fix that!  Because let me tell you...this West Nile SUCKS, BAD!
     On another note, the Buddy Walk is a month away.  Check out our team page & join or donate...or both!  www.dsaatl.org/participant/troystrekkers  (Pre-registration closes on September 23rd...this ensures that you receive a lunch ticket & tshirt)

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