This blog was inspired by 31 for 21 & is about my wonderful family.

"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

All I can say is...WOW!

     I am the type of person who puts others before myself.  I've NEVER had a manicure, pedicure, or had my hair "done" by a professional (if I go to the salon, it's to get a hair cut for the cheapest price possible).  I don't go shopping for myself.  The last time I went shopping, it was because my mother & father-in-law gave me a gift card at Cato's for Christmas.  My 'dress' shoes are usually flip flops.  Never had a massage (other than the ones my husband gave me).  Not that anything is wrong with folks who pamper themselves, I just don't do that.  I think my husband & kids deserve that luxury.  :)  When someone asks me for help, I'm there.  You need my last dollar for a burger, sure...here you go.  And on the off chance that someone helps me, I return the favor.  Someone donates to my son's Buddy Walk, I don't care if it's my last dollar, I am going to donate to your child's Buddy Walk, or buy candy from them, whatever I can do to help you out.  I just don't understand why, when it's my turn to need something, NOTHING!  I know...I'm rambling & griping, but it just gets old.
     I am also the type of person that LOVES her children.  My 3 kids are the sunshine of my life & I would do anything for them (even let my son paint his new room Crimson..lol)!  I can't think of anything that will ever make me stop loving them.  Nor could I love one more than the other.  I'm sure anyone who knows me knows that I treat all 3 of my children equally.  Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day...you name it, I spend the same amount of money on them equally.  If I buy Troy a pack of cookies, or a toy, I buy the other 2 something of equal value.  That's only fair.  I try to spend an equal amount of time with all 3 (I say try because my oldest is a teenager AND he goes to school, so that's a hard one to do).  And when I'm older & have grand kids, I've informed Chancey (& will make it known to Troy & Mackenna when they're old enough) that I want my grand kids at least once a week.  All of them!  If I have 2 or 20, I want them ALL at my house.  NEVER, EVER, EVER will my grand kids even have to ask for permission to come over.  I'll be at every ball game, every cheer event, every awards ceremony, every assembly, baptism, etc.  And NEVER, EVER, EVER, under any circumstances will they ever cry to stay with me & hear "I'll walk you to the truck" to get them out of my hair.  There will be no excuses, period.  I don't have 'favorites' when it comes to my kids & I won't have favorites when it comes to my grand kids either.  And yes, I can honestly say that.  I've been the favorite & I've been the black sheep.  Being the favorite is awesome!  I was loved beyond measure & I still feel that love today...even though she's been gone a LONG time.  But, I've been (& still am) the black sheep on many levels.  And let me tell you, that is awful!  It makes you bitter, which is no way to be.  So, I try to be the better person & let God handle that on Judgment Day.  But on days like today, when my heart is broken for my kids, I tend to be a tad bitter.  I don't know whether to cry or scream...so I'll do a little of both.  And the only thing I know to do is love my children a little more, enough for those who put them on the back burner constantly...& put the ones who are 'playing favorites' on our back burner.  That may not be what God wants me to do.  I know he doesn't want me to be bitter...but I also know that he wants my kids to be loved EQUALLY!  So until I know of a better remedy...I'll put them ALL at an arm's length & put my kids close to my heart.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's that time!

     It's that time of the year again!  Time for the annual Buddy Walk of Atlanta.  This year's event will be held on Sunday (I know...Sundays are hard, we wish it were held on Saturday), October 7, 2012 at Centennial Olympic Park from 1-5 p.m.  We will be walking in team Troy's Trekkers, in honor of Troy.  This year, our Walk will be a little harder for us.  We'll be missing some team members (my sister, her husband, & my nephew will all be absent because my little niece, Jordyn, is scheduled to arrive on 10/4) & remembering beautiful Iris & the other precious little blessings that were taken back to Heaven since our last walk.  [In Iris' memory, we will be wearing a purple ribbon beside our Down syndrome awareness ribbon.]  But, on a positive note, this year we also have a new member to Troy's Trekkers:  MACKENNA!
     Please consider joining us on team Troy's Trekkers.  If you can not join us, won't you make a donation to help us reach our goal?  Any amount will be greatly appreciated from $1 to $1,000,000.  :)  Every dollar raised goes to the DSAA (Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta) & is 100% tax deductible.  I want team Troy's Trekkers to be the largest it has ever been this year.  Yes, I know, I bug you to death about this on facebook, through email, or every time I see you.  But, this is for a great cause & I'd like for Troy to know how much he is loved & supported.  So if he has impacted your life in any positive way, please help us!  If you need more information, let me know!  Here's the link to our team page website:  www.dsaatl.org/participant/troystrekkers
    Thank you & may God bless you & your family!  GO TROY'S TREKKERS!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wonderful News!

     When I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis in 2005, we had just built our house.  And because I was in the hospital for nearly a year, we couldn't pay for it.  :(  So, in 2007, we had to move out.  My heart was broken.  I had given up on us ever owning our own house.  So, we have been renting ever since.  But an opportunity came up that we couldn't refuse!  So we are in the process of buying a house.  It's not our dream house by ANY means.  We are going to fix it up a little & live in it until we pay it & the land (a little over an acre) off, which should be in 5 years or less.  Then we're going to build the house we want.  Where we are now has only 3 bedrooms, & the house we are moving to has 4.  And our mortgage payment (did I mention that it will be paid in full in 5 years or less) is almost $300 less than our rent is now!  Chancey is so happy because he gets to go back to the school district he was in since 1st grade!  He has missed his friends from there so much.  But we have a lot to get done before the first of September!  And packing & moving is a hard task with 2 kids under the age of 4, especially when I can't do very much physically.  I'm ready for this process to be finished & we've just started!  :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

As for me & my house, we will eat Chick-fil-A & love those who are gay!

     Okay.  I've tried so hard to stay out of this whole fiasco, but I feel like it's time to speak up.  Here's how I see it.
     I am a Christian.  Have been since February of 2005.  I read & believe whole heartedly in The Holy Bible.  The word of God tells us that being gay is a sin.  It also tells us that judging others is a sin, that is to be left up to God.  It tells us to love thy neighbor...it doesn't say unless to love thy neighbor unless they're gay. 
     I have a dear friend who is gay.  She is very near & dear to my heart.  As a matter of fact, she was the first person I told that I was pregnant (after telling Mack, Chancey, & Troy).  She checks in on me & my family constantly...even more than my own family most of the time.  She prays for us (yes, she prays...she belives in God), she is texting me all of the time checking in on me...even when she's hurting.  Can I just shut her out of my life because of her choice?  Someone who loves me & my family unconditionally?  I think not!  Have I told her that being gay is against God's word?  You bet I have.  She knows, she understands.  Is it right of me to judge her, to say "oh, I'm sorry. I can't be your friend because you are a sinner?"  Oh, that's right, we're ALL sinners.  If you look in The Holy Bible, the book of John, chapter 8, verse 7, you'll read: "He who hath no sin, cast the first stone."
     Now, here's the jaw dropper.  I ate at Chick-fil-A yesterday!  Why?  Because I share their values.  You walk in my house.  Look to the right on the wall.  You'll see a sign that says. "As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15.  Every time I have been to Chick-fil-A, I've been treated with the utmost respect & dignity.  There employees are very friendly & eager to serve, just as Jesus was.  I think back to one Saturday last year.  My husband had to work, so Chancey, Troy, & I went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast.  I ordered & reached in my wallet to pay.  My debit card wasn't in there...it was on the computer desk at home.  I never carry cash.  I was mortified.  I looked at the cashier & apologized.  I told her that I had accidentally left my debit card at home, I'd have to go home & come back, & I apologized again for the inconvenience.  With a smile on her face she tells me "No, ma'am...do not worry about it. Your meal is on us. No one leaves here hungry."  Now, how many restaurants would do that?  Exactly, none.  So, I ate there yesterday, to show my support.  Not to say that I disagree with people who are gay.  Not to say anything but thank you.  Thank you for keeping your Christian values.  The values that say "do not judge" even though they are being judged for keeping & proudly stating those values.  Thank you for feeding my family when I had no way to pay.  Thank you for being closed on Sundays so your employees can attend church.  Thank you for being so courteous every time I come in. 
     Did I post all over my facebook page that I was going there or that I went there to eat?  Nah.  Because I'm not trying to start any kind of debate or hurt any one.  I didn't want to express my opinion because not very many people share my beliefs on this.  Not very many people understand that I am a Christian & I do not hate people who are gay...or who are disabled...or are poor, rich, non believers, etc..the list goes on & on.  I believe that you should hate the sin not the sinner.  If we hated the sinner, we'd hate everyone, including ourselves.  Here lately people are either anti-gay or anti-Christian.  They choose sides instead of being in the middle.  So, you see, as for me & my house, we will eat Chick-fil-A & love those who are gay!  Because to me, it's not right to do anything different...if I did, I'd be a hypocrite.