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Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's NOT funny!

     Okay, is it just me or do I hear the "R" word in a lot of movies lately?  If not the "R" word, then it's "Rain Man" or "special needs" or "they ride the short bus" that's being used to call someone dumb or ignorant.  Maybe I just notice it more that I'm the mother of a child that has special needs.  Those references make me lose all respect for the actors, directors, & everyone in it!  Which, in turn, makes me remember those nasty, derogatory remarks that came out of their mouths (or they stood there & allowed them to be said)....which makes me NEVER want to watch their movies EVER AGAIN! 
     Yes, I do realize that they're not directly calling my son stupid or demeaning him.  But they are doing just that by misusing those words.  He does have special needs.  He is by the definition, in medical terms, mentally retarded (which means that he learns a little slower).  But he's not stupid or ignorant by any means!  I've said it before, & I'll say it until my dying day.  If you go through 3 heart surgeries before the age of 2, but you come back & make up for the time you lost, that's pure, all out, brilliance!  So is he stupid...NOPE...he's determined!  And for that, & many other reasons, he DESERVES respect, not to be disrespected or mocked.  That little boy is an inspiration to most people who know him or meet him & learn his story.  I know he'll forever be my hero. 
     And to the "Rain Man" reference.  No, he didn't have Down syndrome.  So why am I offended by that?  Well, my cousin has Aspergers.  And I know & love several other people who are Autistic.  They also have to overcome many difficult things in their lives daily.  Does this make them dumb?  Does this make it okay to disrespect them?  NO!  My cousin graduated high school, he has a job, & is furthering his education.  He's one of the sweetest men I know & he deserves to be respected, not made fun of.  Again, those words aren't spoken toward him, but they are about him & every person who is Autistic. 
     Just remember this.  Use words correctly.  If you don't know the true definition, buy a dictionary, & look it up!  Don't make fun of people.  Didn't your parents teach you that?  It's not funny!  How would you like someone to flat out mock & disrespect you?  Because I can guarantee you're not perfect...there was only one perfect person & you are NOT Him!  And, The Bible tells us in John 8:7, "He who hath no sin cast the first stone..."
     I know I've blogged about this topic several times before, but I had to reopen this can of worms after watching 2 movies in a row with these derogatory references in them.  So, if these terms offend you, too, take my advice.  Don't watch 21 Jump Street or Project X.  And if you watch a movie that makes those remarks, please let me know, so I won't waste my time or money.  :)

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