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Thursday, May 10, 2012


     We were FINALLY able to see a Pediatric Endocrinologist yesterday for Troy's thyroid.  If you've been following my blog or my posts on facebook, you know what a dilemma we had when we took him to the Emory Children's Center a few months ago.  Pediatric Endocrine Associates was 100% better!  I couldn't have been more pleased (well, it could've been closer to home, but other than that..)!  The doctor was such a wonderful lady, she loved on Troy & didn't force him to do anything he wasn't comfortable doing.  She was very impressed on how well he listened, talked, & comprehended.  She kept doting on him, which makes for one PROUD mama!  She gave us some promising information & explained everything so well.  The lab techs were wonderful, as well.  They were friendly & tried to be as gentle as possible.  They only had to stick Troy once to collect his labs.  I'm so proud of my BIG boy for being so brave & being so helpful to us during the trip.  So, if you live around here & heaven forbid, your child needs to see an Endocrinologist, I highly recommend them.  We've heard great things about several doctors in the practice, but Troy saw Dr. Dasari.
     It's still surreal to me that I have a daughter...that I have another BEAUTIFUL miracle.  She's such a sweetheart...she still wakes up at 2 a.m. & doesn't go back to sleep until around 7:30 or 8 a.m., but that's okay.  She's growing like a weed & before I know it, she'll be all grown up.  I can remember when my Chancey was this size & he'll be a sophomore in high school in a week!  Mackenna tries so hard to hold her head up by herself & when she's on her tummy, she tries to roll over & even moves her legs to scoot (I'm hoping she will crawl, since Troy never did).
     Chancey has a week left of his freshman year of high school.  Yesterday & today, he had EOCTs (end of course tests) in math & English.  I pray that he does well on the math one (not worried about English...he's AWESOME in that subject, & in every other subject but math).  I think he only has to make a 50% on the test to pass the course, which I'm certain he'll do.  He has been helping us so much with Troy since Mackenna arrived.  He has been such a blessing & I am so proud of him!  We don't even have to ask him to help out, he just does it on his own. 
     With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, I sit in complete awe at my blessed life.  I have the best husband in the world, who loves me with his entire heart & soul.  He works so hard for our family & has sacrificed so much for us.  We have 3 spectacular kids & I wouldn't change one fiber of their being.  I am so happy & so grateful for the love of these 4 people, who make me who I am & make me want to be a better person!  :)

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