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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yet another proud mama brag!

     Well, first of all, my oldest son was saved at church this morning!  Praise the Lord!  He thought he was saved when he was 7 years old & we were baptized together.  But during Disciple Now weekend last weekend, he began to question that he was actually saved.  After a week of conviction, he went to the alter with Mack this morning & asked his youth pastor to pray with him.  He was saved & will be baptized next Sunday!  I am so proud of him for following his heart & not being ashamed to admit that he was mistaken.  Now I know that my son's name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life & that he will be in heaven with me one day...HALLELUJAH!
     I know there are a lot of people in this world who believe that people with Down syndrome are worthless & should be aborted because they are 'different.'  Well, it's true, they are different.  How many people can say that each & every Sunday, someone approaches them & tells them that their child has blessed their lives?  Well, I can tell you that Mack & I CAN say that!  It never fails, that AT LEAST one person each Sunday comes up to us & tells us how Troy has blessed their lives, made them smile, or touched their heart.  Today, I know 4 people told me how blessed they are to know Troy.  How magnificent is that?  (Now, you have to keep in mind that our church is HUGE...we have over 2,000 members.)  After service, this lady stopped me in the restroom & told me that watching Troy "brings such joy to her heart."  She said the he just blesses her life each & every Sunday...that she loves to watch him during the service.  Then, as I walked out of the restroom, she was talking to Mack, Chancey, & Troy.  Troy just reached over & wanted her to hold him (which is rare...he's not fond of strangers).  We stood there for a few minutes just talking.  When we were leaving, he wanted to give her a kiss, so he did.  She told us that just blessed her day.  ♥  So is my son's life worthless?  NO WAY!  God has a plan for him & is already using him to change the hearts of others.  Undoubtedly, these 'know it alls' who claim that people who are born with a little something extra are burdens to society, never met my son!  Not only has he changed our lives, but he is working on the lives of others each day.  I'd say that God knew what He was doing, here, wouldn't you?

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