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Monday, March 26, 2012


     It's official.  I have 3 weeks, MAX, until we meet our little Mackenna!  My OB switched me from daily shots of Lovenox to twice a day shots of Heparin.  He (& my Perinatalogist) kept apologizing for making me do them twice a day...but the Heparin shots are so much easier & painless!  Wish I could've been on these the entire time!  Last Monday, she was head down, face down...ready for delivery.  I was so excited!  So when I went to my OB on Thursday & my contractions were steady, I thought for sure he'd admit me to the hospital & she'd be coming!  BUT...turns out that she had moved & was head up, face up.  No baby yet.  :(  He said the contractions were probably due to the way she was laying.  I was so disappointed.  Then today, at my weekly visit with my Perinatalogist, she was back head down...but not face down.  That's okay...at least she's in the right position.  She was being stubborn & wouldn't let us get any good ultrasound pictures though.  She looked great, my fluid level was good...BP was elevated, but not too bad (136/76).  Next week, we do another biophysical profile, so I'll get to see what she weighs & all of that.  :)  My mother in law had a doctor's appointment herself, so she couldn't watch Troy.  So I just let Chancey go with me to watch Troy (I knew we'd be in & out within 30 minutes so it'd be fine).  I've wanted to take Troy to that doctor SO bad for a long time, since he's the one that tried to talk me into having an abortion because of the Trisomy 21.  They kept on saying how cute he was....yeah, that's right, kids with Down syndrome ROCK!  He behaved himself & I was one proud mama to have both of my boys there with me! 
     I'm so ready to have my little girl already!  I just can't wait to see & hold her!  I know, she needs to stay inside as long as she can, but I just want to be able to have her with us.  After you've gone through what we've went through to have kids, it's just hard to wait knowing the day is so close.  My OB said that he'll induce me at 38 weeks if she hasn't made her arrival by then, so I suppose 2 1/2 weeks isn't that long of a wait, but it does seem like an eternity!  Not to mention that I'm at that miserable stage now...phew!
     Chancey has had his learner's license for over a week now & he's doing such a great job driving.  He has some things he needs to work on, but don't we all?!  He's learning very well & I am so proud of him.
     Troy is doing so well.  His vocabulary is expanding each day & he's learning so much.  Now if he'd start eating better & growing more, we'd be in business.  I'm just so pleased at his progress & I'm so proud of him, too!

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