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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

     I've got about 10 weeks before my sweet little Mackenna makes her appearance (that is, if she'll hold out that long).  We've got a ton of things to get done in this short little amount of time.  Looks like I'll be shopping till I drop this weekend & next weekend, too.  We don't have any of the basic things we need, yet.  I've bought her some clothes & several packs of diapers, but I haven't bought her diaper bag, bottles, bassinett...stuff like that.  I've asked my daddy if they would let me borrow the dress that I came home from the hospital in, he hasn't got back to me yet.  But if they decide that I can't borrow it, I bought her a cute little outfit & I still have the blanket that I came home with....Chancey & Troy also used that same blanket to come home with.  I'm hoping that we can get everything done & organized before I can't move any longer...this pain is horrid.  But I am so excited to finally meet her!
     My Troy has started saying more words & putting more words together to form phrases!  If you say the ABC's, he'll repeat the letters after you.  He also wants us to draw on paper A LOT...he'll even request what he wants us to draw.  When I write TROY on the paper, he will say "T R O Y" as I write the letters.  I know he has just memorized it, but hey, memorization is a form of learning!  He knows some of the basic shapes & sometimes he'll try to count with me.  So proud of him! 
     Chancey struggles so much in Math (HMM...wonder where he gets that from...lol) & I received an encouraging email from his teacher today.  He told me that Chancey received the 2nd highest grade in his class on a test the other day!  I checked his grades this morning & he has 4 A's & 2 B's this 9 weeks.  Hopefully he can bring those 2 B's (which are in his hardest subjects, Math & Science) up to A's before this 9 weeks is up.  But even if he can't, those are some pretty awesome grades.  Did I mention that he has a 100% average in World History!  So proud of him!
     Mack is doing great since his surgery.  No pain & he's back to normal.  So proud of him, too...he got a raise at work!  Praise the Lord, we'll sure need the money!

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