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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby news

     I went to my OB yesterday for a check up & ultrasound.  We were able to see Mackenna's beautiful little face & get some growth measurements.  He was able to show us & tell us that she is in fact a GIRL!  She weighs 2 lbs 13 oz & is in the 43 percentile for her gestational age.  He said that she has long eyelashes & a head full of hair already.  Everything looked great.  She's not too small, not too big...just right!  However, I did fail my 1 hour glucose test by 7 points, so I will have to go this weekend to have the 3 hour test done.  UGH...not looking forward to that!  I'll have to be stuck 4 different times, & it's hard enough getting blood one time...it took 7 tries to get this first test done.  :(  But he said that he thinks that my age & my chronic pancreatitis caused the spike in glucose levels.  He said that if I had gestational diabetes, that she'd be much bigger & that the glucose levels would've been much higher...but I have to have the test done to make sure.  If I do have gestational diabetes, then I'll have to go to the doctor twice a week, check my sugar levels 4 times a day, & go on medication.  Either way, we'll be just fine.  I'm just praying that they are able to complete the testing this time.  I'm going to the lab at the hospital for this test, so hopefully they know what they're doing & it's an easy thing for us all.
     I know that I'm pregnant, I see & feel the changes, & I feel her moving around...but I still can't believe that in a few short weeks, I'll be the mother of 3 PERFECT children.  See, not too long ago, Mack & I were going to doctor after doctor & to a fertility clinic...each of which had not so promising results.  I had numerous tests ran & it was determined that I couldn't conceive a baby without invitro & then I had to take a shot of blood thinner medication each day from the day of conception until I delivered.  I was told that I have anticardiolipin antibodies & that my tubes were completely blocked.  But God had another plan for me.  Since then, I've had Troy & now I'm having my little girl.  It just goes to show that God will work miracles, that's His business.  Just when I thought that Chancey would be our one & only child, I was proved wrong.  God has blessed us beyond measure & I thank Him each & everyday for his blessings.

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