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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


     Well, Troy went to his first day of 'school' yesterday.  He's going to a speech therapy class one hour a week.  I wish I could say how impressed I was, but that's not the case.  I think that perhaps I had my expectations too high.  We went in there thinking that there would be other kids with DS there.  There was one little T21 angel there, but she didn't speak English...as a matter of fact, none of the other children did either.  They did some singing & circle time in the beginning.  The therapist tried teaching them the month, the date, & the day.  In my opinion, that's a tad advanced for Troy.  We're trying to get him to TALK, not to learn the date just yet.  Then she took each child individually for about 10 minutes.  She gave Troy some flash cards with different textures & had him feel them, then she gave him a book & repeated the same thing.  That was it, her session was over.  Then we went across the hall, where another therapist was there with sounds playing on a C.D. player.  She'd say what they were after he heard them.  Finally, she had him feel more textures.  He did say noodle & paper for the first time, though.  After that, we went into the classroom, where he was offered a snack...of course he didn't want it....so he colored & did some macaroni art.  That was it, therapy was over.  I suppose that I have to give it more time, but I really don't know if I want to go back.  Not because I'm disappointed in the therapy class, but because of the way the other children was behaving.  Two little boys fought the entire time....PHYSICAL fighting, & no one did anything about it.  The other little boy was running around screaming, which terrified Troy.  I don't want Troy to think this behavior is acceptable!  Phew, I left there thanking God that my kids know better & with a HUGE headache.  This is why I want Troy to have a therapist that works strictly with kids with DS.  I think that I may keep searching, surely someone around here will do one on one therapy with him.  :(
     As you may know, Troy is in a Cute Kid Contest.  Right now, he's in first place!  He's holding on to that top spot by only 22 votes, so please go vote if you haven't already!  Just go to my fb profile page & follow the directions on the link that I posted.  I was informed this morning that they've extended the contest to Sept. 5th, so we have a little more time to recruit some votes!  GO TROY!  I'm not doing this to win anything, as a matter of fact, I don't think we 'win' anything.  I just want my point across, that people with DS are BEAUTIFUL & that their extra chromosome doesn't take away from them, it adds to their beauty & their character.  If each one of my fb friends were to vote, he'd be sure to win!
     I have been kind of upset here of late...too much on my plate right now.  But my dear friend helped me out of my 'slump' this morning...thank you, Stephanie!  I've come to realize that I can't control everything, though I wish I could.  But stooping to the level of others isn't going to solve anything.  Even though I do everything I can to help others, doesn't mean they're going to return the favor & I shouldn't expect them to.  As a Christian, I am supposed to do for others without expecting anything in return.  Therefore, I apologize for my negative behavior.  "I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiles...Even when her own heart is broken...And the one who could always brighten up your day...Even if she couldn't brighten her own...And the girl who forgives and forgets...Even if they shattered her mask & broke her heart... "

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  1. Kelli..... keep your expectations high! That is what Troy deserves! You will find someone who works well with him & you.. Johnny has had speech in school for years and we finally found an amazing SPT to come to our home after years of looking for the right one.... Much love to you & Troy....
    Heather DeStefano