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Monday, August 22, 2011

Would you say something or let it be?

     My oldest son, Chancey, has always said that he was going to be in the healthcare industry, even before he started Kindergarten.  His goal was to be a surgeon, but now he wants to be a RN.  I couldn't be prouder of his choice!  In order to prepare for college, & for his career, he's taking a few healthcare classes in high school.  He goes off campus via shuttle bus, to a Career Academy for 2 hours each day to attend these classes.  He advised us that the lady who would teach him the first 2 weeks wouldn't be his permanent teacher.  I thought that was odd, but okay.  Last week, he sent me a text while on the bus back to his high school.  His text said that this 'teacher' used the "R" word incorrectly, out of context.  I was furious!  Then he told me that she said, "Don't smoke pot or use drugs unless you want a "R" baby."  That just added fuel to the fire!  The next day, Chancey had to do research on a medical condition & do a 3 minute talk about it.  Well, guess what he chose (so proud of him)...Down syndrome!  After his presentation, the 'teacher' said, "Well, my niece has Down syndrome & we didn't know until she was 5...don't know how she caught it."  ~Um, hello, lady...were you NOT listening?  Down syndrome is present at birth, you can't "catch" it.~  Chancey told her that & tried explaining that to her, but he says she wouldn't listen to him.  He tried explaining that perhaps her niece has the mosaic type instead of trisomy 21.  She wouldn't listen.  I just can't believe that someone like this is teaching!  I told him that I was going to find out how to email this lady (can't locate her at the Academy because she's a temp) & kindly explain a few things to her.  He tells me that I can't because Friday was her last day there....thank the Lord!  Even so, I feel like the Academy needs to know that the person they're employing to teach our kids has no clue....instead of teaching them, she's giving them incorrect garbage.  I don't want to start a a big fight, but I feel like something needs to be done.  Not just because my son has Down syndrome, but because Chancey & the other kids deserve to be taught correctly the first time...someone shouldn't have to go back & correct someone else's mistakes.  She paid to go to college for a higher education, she should know what she's doing & she's being paid to teach these impressionable teenagers...paid to teach them not incorrectly inform them.  Some of these teens may not know what Down syndrome is or really know the facts about it & she's telling them you can "catch" it?!  What do you think...would you say something or just let it be?

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."  ~Einstein

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  1. I would speak up....and keep speaking...nothing changes without our voices. We are all our children have, ALL our children. Not just Our Ds Angels, but their typical siblings as well. If we dont make sure they are taught properly, who will? Tell Chancey I have a friend on my friends list, that is not only a father of 2 (one angel and one brand new baby boy) and a some kind of degree black belt, and MMA fighter...but also an RN...I think hes making a great choice...I hope if I ever need someone, I get someone with such a pure heart! <3 go getum mommy!