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Monday, August 29, 2011

Just an update!

     PHEW!  What a weekend!  I'm sad that Mack had to go back to work & that Chancey had to go back to school, but boy, I'm glad it's over!  We had quite an eventful weekend, to say the least!  With all of Troy's boo-boos & the drama created by a jealous, immature kid at Chancey's school, I'm exhausted!
     At church yesterday, the lady that does the Joy Ministry (for special needs kids) came up to me & invited us to a dinner on the 17th for parents of kids with special needs.  We've been wanting to allow Troy to go to the Joy Ministry, but I'm a little hesitant with his heart condition.  I also want to help out in the Joy Ministry, but I'm afraid that Troy will cling to me & we'll be more of a hinder than a help.  But I am really thinking that I want to at least give it a try.  I just LOVE my church family!
     Troy is just growing & amazing us so much each day!  He starts school this week!  He'll go an hour & 15 minutes a day, once a week.  I can't wait, but it's hard to see him growing up!  Next thing you know, he'll be a freshman in high school, like someone else I know...CHANCEY!  Speaking of Chancey, I am so proud of how mature he's being about this whole 'bully' situation.  The boy is mad at Chancey for talking to his girlfriend, so he's threatening him.  Oh, I'm so ticked off about the entire situation...this boy is a junior & should not be so insecure.  Chancey doesn't even like the girl, only as a friend.  It's just all silly & sad that I have to bother the principal about such petty nonsense...& it looks like I'll have to get the police involved as well.  (SIGH)
     My Troy is in a Cute Kid Contest on facebook.  If you could, please take a few seconds to vote for him.  All you have to do is go to facebook & search for MLT Photography, go to their page, & 'Like' it.  Scroll down until you see the post about the Cute Kid Contest, click on it.  Then find Troy's picture...he has on a blue shirt & he's holding a football, then 'Like' the picture.  That's it!  Currently, he's 27 votes out of 1st place, & 6 votes out of 2nd place....he's standing firm at 3rd place.  GO TROY!  My mission is to show everyone that people with DS are beautiful, not a burden or a curse.  I didn't enter him to say that I have the cutest kid ever (which in my eyes, my kids are the cutest), but to prove a point.  That people with DS are perfect just the way they are, that extra chromosome has a purpose, to make them extra cute!  So if you could, please just vote for him...a vote for Troy is a vote for every person that has been blessed with something extra & the people that love them! 

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