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Monday, August 8, 2011


     My baby began his journey in high school today.  It was quite eventful to say the least & needless to say, I'm not pleased one bit in his new school!  First of all, they had orientation last Thursday so the freshmen wouldn't be totally lost on the first day, BUT his homeroom teacher/advisor wasn't there!  Why is that so bad, you ask?!  Well, he has a class during 1st & 2nd period that's off campus & we had no clue where he needed to go & when....THEREFORE, he missed the shuttle bus there.  So he spent the entire 2 hours in the library!  Oh, I was fuming...I emailed that teacher & the principal!  Then he wanted to buy a locker but the only time you could buy one was during lunch & that's only 15-20 minutes long...so he wasn't able to buy one!  It's important for him to get a locker because he has to have separate binders for each class, the binders alone fill his backpack up totally, without any textbooks.  They don't have enough lockers for each student, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to get one tomorrow.  He brings home a ton of "homework" (papers for me to sign) for me to do.  As I read each & every sheet, I notice that his teachers say that you're not allowed to go to the restroom during class.  You're allowed 3 bathroom trips per semester.  Um, hello?  When you gotta go, you gotta go, regardless of the time or where you are!  They advise you to go between classes...uh, how?  You have all of 5 minutes to get from class to class.  It's ridiculous!  Now I do understand that some students will go to the bathroom just to skip class, but to me it's just wrong to make a child hold it.  But on a better note, he said that the girls were complimenting him on his physique....we've been working out 5 to 6 days a week the entire summer & he's looking buff!  :)  He still misses his old school, but maybe he'll make some new friends this year & he'll like it better!  As soon as he got home, his Granny called him to check on his first day as a freshman & his aunt texted him....that makes me happy to know that he's loved!  That's just awesome!

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