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Friday, July 22, 2011


     We've been SO busy lately that I haven't had any time to blog! 
     Yesterday, Troy had a speech evaluation with a local therapist that comes HIGHLY recommended.  She was totally awesome & we are very pleased that she'll be working with T-boy.  She had nothing but kind words to say about him & doted constantly on how smart he is!  She administered the test & was worried that he would not qualify for services because he was surpassing all of the guidelines!!!  She commented that he had the best tongue/mouth control she had ever seen!  She even asked me if I taught him to keep his tongue in his mouth.  After the test was finished, she told me that he was one of the brightest kids with DS she has ever worked with.  She must have told me a million times that I was doing a wonderful job & that I am an awesome mother for working with him so much.  Then she asked me if he had ever had an ear infection, I told her that he hasn't had a single one & she was surprised.  Then she asked me if he had any heart problems.  I told her that he has had 3 heart surgeries so far, & we don't know if or when he'll need another one.  When she found out that he had already endured 3 heart surgeries, she really was astonished at how well he was communicating, how bright he is, & how well behaved he is!  She said that normally parents "baby" their kids when they have heart problems...she was just amazed, period.  He's only approximately 6 months behind where "typical" kids should be in his communication/speech/comprehension skills.  That's so awesome...I figured he was at least a year & a half behind.  It makes me feel so much better knowing that he's learning, that means I'm doing my job!
     I think that horrid virus has finally left our house for good!  Now my Troy is spitting up again.  I'm thinking that it's the PediaSure.  He wasn't spitting up at all when I stopped giving it to him a few weeks ago.  I'm going to take him off of it again & see if that clears it up.  If not, we'll be going to see a pediatric gastroenterologist again.  He's eating so much better now, so I don't think he needs the PediaSure...I just started giving it to him to build him back up after that virus.  Today, he ate almost all of my Lean Cuisine Chicken Penne Pasta at lunch!
     We're gearing up for "back to school!"  Chancey will be a freshman, yes, I said a freshman, this year.  He starts high school on August 8th.  He still doesn't have his schedule....which ticks me off because he has friends at several other schools in our county & they all have their schedules.  We're supposed to know his on August 2nd & have an ice cream social on August 4th.  Open house isn't until towards the end of August, which is pointless if you ask me!  I hope he'll get a basic tour when we go for the ice cream social.  He's excited about being in high school, but he doesn't really like this school, so he's not really ready to go back.
     Mack & I have started eating & drinking more healthy & we are working out 5 days a week.  He's lost 10 lbs & I've lost 20!  We were walking 4 to 4.5 miles a day until I fractured my foot on top of tendonitis in 2 places in my foot.  Now we hit the recumbant bike & do 5 to 7 miles per day then do some weight lifting afterwards.  I'm so proud of our progress!

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