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Thursday, June 9, 2011


     I'm sure, if you follow my blog, that you notice I've removed my pictures.  It breaks my heart not to be able to share my family with you, but I can't have trolls stealing my pictures then using them as a target of their inhumane jokes.  I'm sorry, but I'm sure you understand.  :)  Troy amazes me each & everyday & I hate that I can't share pictures or videos of his progress with you all.  I took off the rest of our pictures because I didn't think it was fair to Troy.  But, I will continue blogging...they can't steal that from me!
     With all of this troll business today, I forgot to post the results of Troy's cardiologist visit.  All is well, praise the Lord!  His pressure levels are the same as they have been since his surgery in December.  He actually gained almost a pound in two weeks!  So now he weighs in at 25 lbs 14 oz & is 33" tall!  :)  He cut his Lasix back from twice a day, to once a day!  If I see any signs of heart failure, then I am to resume the Lasix back twice a day.  He knows my medical background, so he said he's confident in my judgement!  We go back in October for another check up.  But he was very pleased with Troy's progress.  Proof again that miracles happen when they're asked for & that prayer works!  Thanks again to all who have prayed & continue to pray for him!
     If you follow Nascar, then you know that the Prelude to a Dream race was last night.  I'm proud to report that Clint Bowyer won & he was on team CHOA!  This means that CHOA will receive 30% of the net money raised during the event.  There were 3 other Children's hospitals that were being showcased:  Children's Medical Center of Dallas (will receive 25% of the net money raised), St. Louis Children's Hospital, & Levine Children's Hospital (each will receive 20% of the net money raised).  What a fantastic idea & a wonderful charity event.  Also, Steve-O was on Minute To Win It & the money he received, $25,000, will go to the National Down Syndrome Congress.  Way to go, Steve-O & the participants of the Prelude to a Dream!

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