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Monday, May 23, 2011

This & that

     Troy had an absolutely AWFUL night last night!  He was up every hour all throughout the night.  I was thinking it was his tooth bothering him, but the Tylenol wasn't doing the trick.  I just hope it's not his heart causing him to be so fussy.  He seems okay this morning & is playing & eating fine. 
     Today is the day that the cardiac team makes the decision about Troy's plan of care.  We should hear something sometime tomorrow.  This waiting, wondering, worrying is so hard!
     My wonderful husband started his first shift job this morning!  :)  It was so nice to be able to spend the entire day yesterday with him!  He usually has to sleep on Sunday afternoon/evening because he had to be at work at 10 p.m.  But now, we get to spend each & every Sunday together & we also get to share a bed...YAY!  We'll be on the same schedule, finally!  I wanted to get up & fix him breakfast & fix his lunch, but I didn't get hardly any sleep last night with Troy. 
     Chancey is enjoying his 'summer' break, so far.  He's going over to his best friend's house this afternoon to hang out....he really misses his friends at North Hall.  I wish he could go back there, but Johnson has the program he needs to be in for his career path.  Plus, we're just a few miles down the street, he can always hang out with them after school, on weekends, & this summer!  He wants to get a job over the summer, but until we know what's going to happen with Troy, he can't apply for one.  I can't be here & at CHOA @ Egleston at the same time...plus, he'll want to be with his brother. 
     Please keep Troy in your prayers...it's not too late for a miracle!  :)

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