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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My two cents

     I find the whole "Bin Laden's dead" theory to be bittersweet.  I'm glad that he's no longer a threat to this world.  I'm happy that some relief has been brought to the families of those who died on 9/11/01.  But, with his death, we know that he did not know Jesus as his saviour.  Therefore I know that he's in hell right now.  He deserves to be punished for what he did to all of those innocent people, but I can't help feel sorry for him because He never knew the love of God.  I also know that Bin Laden's people will retaliate against us, we won't know when or how, but we know they will not let this go.  I also am a pessimist, to say the least, so I want to see his dead body...I need proof. 
     In my opinion, Obama will use this event to get himself re-elected next year.  He's already claiming that "he" is the reason Bin Laden is dead.  Excuse me...but did "he" risk his life to raid Bin Laden's hideout?  No, it was the brave, couragous acts of our beloved USN Seals.  Obama may have knew about it, but to claim this victory as his is wrong.  Isn't he the one that was against this war to begin with?  Weren't the U.S. troops supposed to be out of Iraq & Afghanistan in August of 2008?  That was just another lie that helped him get in to office.  He has done absolutely nothing to help us out with the rising cost of gas, food, cost of living, period.  The world has been focused on "The Royal Wedding" for months, now that it's over, we're focused on the death of Bin Laden.  When there are folks all around the USA who are homeless & suffering after the longest tornado outbreak last week.  We had HUGE fund raisers for Haiti, what about the people that live here, just miles from my family?  Some of these people are just like me.  If a tornado was to take away my house, I'd just be out of luck.  I don't own my house, we rent it.  2 of the 3 cars we own have liability only insurance on them, so we can afford the insurance.  I'd loose all of my keepsakes, photos, & priceless possessions.  I just don't understand how people can be rejoicing over this wedding (of people who could care less about us & are in a totally different country) when we have such a great need in our own country.  I can understand wanting to hear some good news, vs. bad news all of the time.  But all of this hoopla is unnecessary, to say the least.  We, as a country, are hurting & our "president" should be stepping up to help us.  Okay...off my soap box.
     Today would've been my Memaw's 81st birthday.  She passed away in 1983, when I was only 7 years old, but I miss her as if she passed away yesterday.  When I was little, all of my memories are with her.  I remember always being welcome at her house & she loved me like no one else could.  I remember her teaching me how to cook & coloring with me at her kitchen table.  She lived just across the street from me, so I saw her everyday.  When she was gone, I was heartbroken.  I can remember when I started filling out my high school graduation announcements, I couldn't send her an invitation.  The same thing when I got married & had my kids.  But I know that she was there...she just had a better view.  Today I know she's looking down on us all & she's able to see my wonderful family, I just wish they had a chance to know her.  Happy birthday, Memaw.  I love you.  Until we meet again....

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