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Friday, May 20, 2011

The latest on Troy...

     Okay, I couldn't wait any longer...so I called Troy's cardiologist.  (I get my patience skills from my dad...LOL)  Didn't get to talk to him directly, but I talked to a nurse.  Here's the plan.  Per the surgeon, he wants the cardiologist to put his packet together for the weekly conference & the cardiac team will discuss it then.  The conference is on Mondays, so if he can get the packet together TODAY, then they will discuss Troy on Monday.  The nurse said that if he doesn't get the packet together then it will be next Monday.  I pointed out to her that the following Monday is Memorial Day & she said that they wouldn't do conference that week.  So she is going talk to him & try to have the packet ready for this coming Monday's conference.  She's going to call me later today to let me know if they made the deadline for this Monday's conference.  But the packet isn't for the valve replacement, it's for the valvuloplasty.  BUT, the cardiac team can deny the valvuloplasty at conference & insist on the valve replacement surgery.  If Troy is presented this Monday, I will know the surgery date on Tuesday.  So now we wait some more!  Unless he gets worse before then (like last time), hopefully we'll know on Tuesday exactly what the plan is & when.  Please just keep Troy & the cardiac team in your prayers.  To look at my son, you would never know how sick he is...right now he's dancing in the floor to Cookie Monster singing on Sesame Street, all while eating Gerber Graduate banana puffs!  {Oh & the cutest thing happened last night.  My husband has discovered that he LOVES fajitas at our local Mexican restaurant, which is VERY pleasing to me & Chancey because we LOVE Mexican food.  So last night he wanted to eat Mexican.  We pulled in the parking lot & Troy noticed where we were.  He started saying "chip...chip!"  He knows that they bring us out chips & salsa as soon as we're seated & he just loves to munch on their chips.  I kinda figured he wouldn't eat very many since he had supper just before we left...harvest vegetables, bananas, & 4 oz of V8 V-fusion juice.  But there he ate about 10 chips & drank 6 oz of PediaSure.  At least he's still eating, which is good...when he went into complete heart failure in December, we couldn't get him to eat or drink...so PLEASE do keep those prayers coming!  They're helping!}  :)
     At 1:00 p.m., I received a call from the nurse.  Troy's packet WILL be presented at the cardiac conference on Monday.  We should know the surgery date & the type of surgery some time on Tuesday.  PLEASE continue praying!