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Monday, April 25, 2011

To sign or not to sign?

     Troy has been doing so well!  I feel like maybe I need to stop & pinch myself from time to time, that's how wonderful he's doing!  Over the past few weeks, he has just blossomed.  :)  He is talking so much more & I know he's meaning the things he's saying.  He's saying 2, sometimes 3 words at a time.  He did something yesterday morning & this morning that just warmed my heart & soul.  When he wakes up each morning, I can hear him rustling around & playing "pee-pie" with his monkey & giraffe.  But yesterday & today, he started saying "Mama" as soon as he woke up.  He doesn't get out of his bed yet, so he sits there until someone comes to get him, which is usually me.  When I get to him he raises his little arms & says "be", which means get me.  I had myself convinced that he was just saying "Mama" because he could or was asked to.  But now he will say "Mama" & look around for me.  He has been saying "Dada" & "Chancey" for well over a year now, & he knew who they were.  I worked with him daily, showing him their pictures & just talking to him.  I have a picture of myself as well & I show it to him & tell him that's Mama.  But he didn't seem to get that I was that person in the picture.  I guess I was wrong!  Because if my husband says, "tell Mama hi", he will look at me, wave, & say "hi!"  Once he even said, "Hi...Mama!" 
     I've been working so hard with him to get him where he is.  It may seem like a slow progress to some, but to me it's a HUGE accomplishment!  He's so attentive.  He seems so eager to learn.  In fact, if he so much as glances over & sees a book or his flash cards, he wants you to read it/quiz him over & over & over.  He thinks it's a game instead of work.  I am pleased that he likes it, but you can only read a book so many times in one sitting...
     He learned 2 more animal sounds over the past week.  So now he can tell you what sounds 16 animals make.  He's learning to use his words instead of whining, too.  The hardest thing about his whining is not the noise, it's not knowing what he wants.  I'm trying to get him to understand that & I think he's getting it.  For example, he is completely obsessed with water.  If he sees it, hears it, or thinks he can get in it, he wants it!  If you've ever seen 'Your Baby Can Read', then you know that in Volume 1 it shows a hippopotamus & the hippo is in the water.  He knows when that segment is coming & he'll rub his hands over his stomach & say "UUUNNHH."  I have tried to tell him that the hippo is in water.  I've tried telling him that the hippo is taking a bath.  I've even learned the sign for water (placing three fingers on your chin).  Nothing seemed to help.  So I decided that maybe I should rub my hands over my stomach & say "bath."  After doing that for a few days, he can now say bath.  He still rubs his hands over his stomach when he says it, but atleast he can say bath instead of just whining.  Wish I would've done that to begin with, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.  When the speech pathologist came, he said that maybe I should also try to teach him sign language just for the words he can't say.  So when I tried the sign for water, he was so confused.  He knows where his chin is, so when I would do the sign, he would point to his chin & say "chin."  He had no idea why I was showing him water & pointing to my chin.  Teaching him sign language may be confusing him, I really don't know.  The signs that I've tried teaching him have made him look at me with a puzzled look & it gets us no where.  I don't know.  I know kids younger than him that can sign, so I know he's not too young.  He's talking, we understand him, he's getting his point accross.  I want him to be able to talk & sign, but I don't want to confuse him.  So, to add sign language or not to, that is the question.
     He just amazes me every second of everyday.  I think he has taught me so much more than I can ever teach him.  God knew what He was doing when He gave me Troy.  He's such a blessing & I am continuously thanking God for him.  Words can never describe the love that I feel for my boys, BOTH of them!

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