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Friday, April 15, 2011

Too blessed to be stressed!

     I've always heard the old adage, "things happen in threes."  I can think back throughout my life & remember times when that saying was true, but for bad things.  But over the past 24 hours that has been true for good things!  :)  My family has had our share of unfortunate happenings throughout our journey of life, but I wouldn't change a thing.  Our trials & triumphs have brought us here, to today, & I don't think we could possibly be any happier.  Nope, we haven't won the lottery.  Nah, didn't buy a new house or get a new car (yet).  Those material things aren't important to me.  It's like I've always told my husband.  "I don't care if we live in a cardboard box & ride bicycles, as long as we have each other & we're falling more & more in love with each other with every passing second & we have our kids by our side, I'm happy."  And that's the truth.  Everything else is just a bonus. 
     I know, I know.  You want to know the 3 good things, right?  Well, let me give you a little run down first.  If you've been following my blog, then you know that I struggle with knowing that I'm providing the best services for Troy.  With our insurance, the best therapists for him are out of network & my insurance company won't deny services so his secondary insurance can pick up any costs....therefore he can only receive one therapist right now.  We use Babies Can't Wait, which is the early intervention therapy company in our area.  They are paying, out of their pocket, for Troy's PT right now (And I learned yesterday that once he's considered to be a walker, he won't receive PT anymore...we have to choose if we want him to have OT or speech after that.).  I knew that once he turns three in January that our services with BCW will end & we either have to find our own therapists, put him in the public school system, or send him to Challenged Child.  I want what's best for Troy so I don't know which route to take.  His PT is the best & she gave me a few pointers & suggestions on what to do next.  She has worked with him since October of 2009 & she has watched him grow into who he is today.  I feel like I can openly talk to her & she'll honestly tell me her opinion.  So over the past few weeks I have told her that I really feel like Troy needs to have speech therapy.  But I don't want sign language shoved down my throat....been there done that.  (In May of last year, we found a local therapy service that would do OT & speech back to back twice a month.  So I took him there for about two months & instead of progressing, he was regressing...& they only did one hour, 30 minutes for each service.  It was AWFUL!  They didn't know how to work with a child with DS, they never had worked with one.)  She told me that she could get a speech pathologist to come out with her to do an evaluation/coaching visit.  So, yesterday during his PT session, the speech pathologist came out to evaluate Troy.  I was so excited to have him come & tell me how to teach Troy the correct way & give me a few pointers.  I wanted to know if I needed to be teaching him sign language.  I'm not against him learning it, but he's so verbal that I feel like he can talk vs. signing.  Anyway, he evaluated Troy & was amazed at how well he verbalized & listened.  He said that Troy had awesome tongue control & that was unusual.  So here's the good news.  He said that I was "doing an extraordinary job."  He said that Troy is the best listener, he's attentive, intelligent, & he is comprehending what we say.  Oh what a sigh of relief!  I was so afraid that he was behind because he has missed out on speech therapy.  He was astounded that Troy could say over 30 words, can point to most of his body parts, & knows the sounds of atleast 15 animals.  I told him that if Troy sees an animal, he makes the sound that animal makes instead of saying what the animal is, & that concerned me.  For example, if he sees the horses outside, instead of saying "horse" he'll make a horse sound "neigh."  He said that was remarkable & that is the first step, that he's learning concepts.  He said to keep on showing him the animals & repeating the sounds they make, he'll get it.  He said that it's great that instead of him just repeating the words that we say he actually knows what we're saying.  For example, if I say "where's Elmo" he'll look for Elmo & says "Elmo" vs. just saying the word Elmo.  He watched Troy follow commands & verbalize.  He said to keep up the good work!  Keep up the good work, not you're doing this wrong or do this instead...just keep up the good work!  He's coming back for two more visits to see his progress so he can give us the best speech therapist once PT is finished :(.
     Good thing #2:  During his PT/speech evaluation, Troy stood up & took 10 steps UNASSISTED!  He did it several times during his session.  After everyone had left, I closed the door & went down the hall to let the dog out of Chancey's room.  As soon as I got in the hall, I heard Troy say, "Mama."  Then the next thing I heard was my husband say, "Kelli...oh my goodness, you missed it!  When you walked in to the hall Troy let go, said, Mama, & walked all the way to me!"  (which had to be 12-15 steps)  How awesome is that?!  Maybe he'll be walking by Easter, like his PT said.
     Good thing #3:  My husband, Mack, applied for a first shift job last week.  He interviewed for that job yesterday morning after work.  He texted me last night around 11:30 & told me that HE GOT THE JOB!  Oh, my prayers have been answered!  And he won't be taking a pay cut...he won't get a raise, but no pay cut!  His supervisor told him that he could top out on pay where he is now (on 3rd) & make more than the first shift job will pay.  He knew that Mack wants to make the most $ since he's the only one working...hoping that would keep him on third.  But little does he know, I could care less about the pay.  I'd rather have my husband on first shift.  No one seems to understand where I'm coming from though.  Everyone says, "what's the difference, you see each other the same amount of time."  Uh, no, we don't!  If he works 6 days a week, which he has been for almost 9 months now, he comes home on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.  If he stays up all day, to be with us (which he usually does), he's dead tired & moody.  If I tell him to just go to bed & rest some, he won't.  Then he sleeps all night Saturday, gets up on Sunday to go to church with us, eats lunch, then it's time to sleep until supper.  Then he leaves at 9:30 p.m. to go to work again.  If he's on first shift & he has to work 6 days a week, then he'll be home at 3:30 p.m.  We get the rest of Saturday together & ALL day on Sunday together.  And he's more productive at home when he's on first....he helps me so much more vs. third shift. 
     Needless to say, I'm absolutely glowing & have been since yesterday afternoon!  It's encouraging to receive a pat on the back every now & then being as I'm constantly criticized.  It's a fact, I'm too blessed to be stressed!  :)

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