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Monday, March 14, 2011

Tsunami of prayers

     A week from today is World Down Syndrome Day.  We have a family celebration planned.  I bought us all DS Day shirts last year & we'll be wearing them, along with our awareness bracelets & ribbons.  I will make awareness ribbon cookies, as they were a HUGE hit last year.  We'll all release 2 balloons (1 blue, 1 yellow) in honor of Troy turning 2 this year.  Then we'll go out to eat that evening.  I know, it doesn't sound like much, but Troy is still too young to understand.  We'll take pictures for momentoes for him later.  If you don't have a child with DS, please consider wearing blue & yellow on March 21st to show your support for DS.
     I really would like to get a DS support group started for our area, but no one seems to be interested in participating.  I just wish there was some way that I could reach out to parents who have just learned that their baby has DS.  I was scared to death when I found out Troy had DS & if I would've been able to speak to other parents, I probably would've had a different outlook in the beginning.  Plus, I know that parents who do receive a prenatal diagnosis will also see the same perinatalogist I did, & he's not pro-DS at all.  My OB/GYN was & that was a HUGE help, but if what if they go to an anti-DS OB/GYN?  That's one life I possible could've saved.  Also, I know that God has wonderful plans for my family & I hope that we don't miss a calling.  I really wanted to help out in the Joy Ministry (Special Needs ministry) at our church & allow Troy to attend as well, but we can't right now.  Troy's doctors don't want him around ANY one that could be sick & my health just won't allow it either.  I'm hoping that we'll be able to join in very soon.  
     I pray for my boys daily & God has really blessed my family.  Chancey is doing really well in school & he's playing baseball for JHS.  The school also revamped the bus route, so the rude boy doesn't ride the new bus with him.  He seems to be much happier...he still doesn't LOVE this school, but he's adjusting.  Troy is really becoming more verbal lately & he is also listening more.  I'm hoping he'll be walking very soon.  I am just so proud of my boys & who they are becoming.
     Mack did hear from his friend in Japan later in the evening on Friday.  He & his wife are doing well.  They live in Tokyo & say they weren't hit near as hard as others around them.  Praise the Lord!  However, there are many others who weren't as lucky.  Please join me in praying for them.  We can create a tsunami of prayers for them.

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