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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


     Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that a group of comedic D.J.s called Trigg Palin retarded.  So, I began my boycott.  I did everything I possibly could, short of going to these ignorant grinches personally & speaking my mind.  I received a response from an Exec. at the radio station.  He was defending the radio personalities instead of trying to rectifying the situation.  They claimed to have used the term "medically."  But needless to say, it was not. 
     I have come to grips with the fact that I can't change the world.  I know that no matter how much I love my son that not everyone does.  I just can't understand why middle aged adults behave with such unregard to children.  I mean, for goodness sakes, my son was eleven when Troy was born, & he has never made fun of other children.  (Just last night, he missed a ball that came right to him in his game.  All of his teammates teased him.  Then several other boys missed balls that were hit right to them.  Did he ridicule them?  No!  He kept his mouth shut, because he was raised knowing that you don't make fun of anyone!)  What happened to values, morals, respect, common decency? 
     Sure, my son is two years old.  He can't walk unassisted.  He can't talk like most kids his age.  He can't feed himself using utensils.  He's not even close to trying to be potty trained.  BUT...he'll get there!  He can get where he's going.  He does let us know what he wants & he does talk.  He is able to eat & can feed himself finger foods.  He's one tough little boy & he has had to endure more pain in his short two years than many people endure in a lifetime...but he still smiles, he never gives up, & he never complains or holds a grudge.  He knows what no means...& he even knows that uh-un means no.  He can tell you what a horse, cow, cat, dog, frog, monkey, donkey, chicken, lion, & duck all say...this week he's working on what sounds a goat & pig make.  He can say many, many words:  Mama, Daddy, Chancey, Kinsey, kitty kitty, yes, Elmo, Dana, Papaw, Grandpa, Memaw, diaper, clap, baby, ball, hi, bye, who is this, ah (for uh-oh), eat, bite bite, kick, me (for get me), Pee-pie, bath, beep beep (his activity walker), nank nank (drink), teeth, cheeks, tickle, etc...I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them all.  He also tries to sing Happy birthday.  He can also point to most of his body parts & follow commands (such as lay down, bring me your drink).  If you ask him to give you an Eskimo, he'll rub his nose against yours...if you ask for a shoodough, he'll give you a kiss. Yes, he's behind where he should be.  But does that constitute anyone calling him the "R" word?  No, those arrogant so called comedians weren't talking about my son directly.  But Trigg has Down syndrome, so does Troy.  So when someone makes fun of or labels another person with Down syndrome, I take offense.  You may have well just have said those nasty comments about my son.  Because the Down syndrome community is a close knit community.  We are like a group of lionesses...we are overprotective of our children & when you attack one, you attack them all!  So beware! 
     Being the mother of a child with special needs & a child without, I realize it's hard not to understand what it's like raising a child with special needs.  I had no clue until I had Troy.  I was scared beyond belief that I wouldn't know how to be the mother Troy needed.  But I have done my absolute best to give him the best life possible.  But that's hard when trolls like Walton & Johnson (who broadcast live on Houston on 93.7, Temple-Killeen on 101.7, New Orleans on 95.7, Baton Rouge on 98.1, Lake Charles on 101.3, Alexandria on 96.9, Shreveport on 98.1FM ~yes...Shevreport..my home town~, Gulfport-Biloxi on 97.9, Ft. Smith, AR on 100.7, Blacksburg, VA on 105.3) label him as the "R" word.  We all know what they mean when they call people the "R" word, they mean stupid, dumb, ignorant.  People with special needs are not "R", they're blessings from God.  And we all know that God doesn't make mistakes.  So before you use the word "R", please think about the people you're hurting.  I can give you the names of thousands of people you are offending...the first four are Troy, Kelli, Chancey, & Mack Forrester. 

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