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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm no expert!

     I try to be the best wife & mother that I possibly can.  I am doing my absolute best here & I feel like it's no one's job to criticize what I am doing.  I love my boys unconditionally.  Yes, they make mistakes, so do I, so does everyone.  But I will always be here cheering them on, no matter what the circumstance.  God saw fit to make me the mother of these two precious souls & I am trying to make Him proud.  It really doesn't matter what any one's opinion is about how I raise my kids, because I'm not in this to please them.
     It was recently brought to my attention that someone feels that I'm not properly feeding my child.  Well, the way I see it is this:  if you think you can do a better job, go ahead...try!  Yes, my son is 26 months old & weighs 24 lbs.  Yes, I'd like for him to gain weight & eat more.  But that's not happening.  It's not that I don't try to feed him, I do.  He eats when he's hungry & he asks for food when he is hungry.  I do not starve my son!  I offer him food all through out the day.  If he eats, great, if not, it's okay.  I have consulted TWO doctors regarding his feeding habits & this is their exact response, "He's not going to starve.  He's going to eat what he wants, when he wants it.  He's two & ALL kids go through this stage.  I'm not concerned about his weight or nutrition."  If his pediatrician & cardiologist both tell me he's fine, then I'm not concerned.  And I feel like, if you're not with me 24/7, then how do you know what he ate before you were there?  Or what he'll eat after you're gone?  If we go out to eat & he's eating something that's not ideal, don't you think that I fed him something with proper nutrition before I gave him that?  He eats cereal & soy milk at 7:30 a.m., two jars of baby food (one vegetable, one fruit) at 12:30 p.m., & two jars of baby food (one vegetable, one fruit) at 4:30 p.m., & 4 oz of PediaSure mixed with 4 oz of soy milk with cereal at 9:00 p.m.  In addition to this, he also drinks 8-12 oz of V8 V-Fusion (which has one serving of fruit & one serving of vegetables per 8 oz), 4 oz of Plum Smart, 4oz of PediaSure mixed with 4 oz of soy milk, & 6 oz of soy milk throughout the day...EVERYDAY.  He also eats two snacks a day, usually at 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.  I try to give him Gerber Graduates puffs, but he gets tired of them all of the time.  So I will give him Ritz Whole Wheat crackers, Cheerios, & sometimes he eats a few Cheetos & sometimes he wants a bite or two of what we're eating.  If we go somewhere out to eat & he's already eaten, I'll give him something that I know he'll eat while we're there.  If he hasn't eaten, then I feed him his baby food there.  But just because he's eating something that you view as "unhealthy" doesn't mean that's all he has ate that day or that I give him that everyday.  I can't force him to eat something he doesn't like.  I was actually advised not to force him to eat, period.  His doctors tell me to "pick my battles."  So I feed him what he likes that is healthy.  Yes, every now and then I will give him some Cheetos, & that's okay..sometimes I give him a French fry or 12, & that's okay too.  But by no means is that all he eats all day, everyday.  The way we look at is this.  He's eating FOOD, not being fed via feeding tube.  He is growing & receives the vitamins he needs daily....just read the label on the PediaSure alone.  Just in that he's getting 23 vitamins & minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants, DHA, & Omega 3s.  Just in the cereal alone, he's getting 15 vitamins, & it's also made from whole grains.  He's getting what he needs to grow.  Is he slow to grow?  Yep.  You endure 3 heart surgeries in your first 2 years of life & see if you're not behind in all aspects.  Then add Down syndrome to the mix.  People with DS are shorter, it's a known fact.  They also get their teeth later & their soft spots are slow to close because their bones are slower growing.  Troy still has a soft spot & is still lacking four teeth.  My point here is this.  Until you've walked a mile in my shoes, don't try to wear them.  Don't judge me or question my abilities as a mother.  Unless you're an expert on DS, or even know any true facts on DS, don't pretend to know anything about it.  I live each day with a beautiful blessing from God with DS & I'm no expert.  But I do love both of my boys with every fiber of my being & then some.  Neither one of my kids want for anything & Mack & I see to that.  If you have a question or concern, please ask me...don't talk behind my back & assume.

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