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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What would you do?

     Have I mentioned how bad I DESPISE Chancey's school, lately?  UGH!  I am so disgusted!  I had rather blog about something positive, but I just have to get this out of my system.  Chancey called me a little before 10 a.m. today saying that he had hurt himself while running outside during Science class & he couldn't feel his hands.  With my medical background, you tell me that you can't feel your hands, I immediately think NECK injury.  So I rush to his school (which they moved a few years ago from right down the street, just minutes away, to miles down the street in a completely different district).  I turn in the school & two teachers have their students just standing in the parking lot.  The teachers themselves didn't move, so who expects the students to move?  FINALLY, after I had to ask, they slowly but surely moved on to the side walk.  I go in the school to get Chancey, & he has bandages every where.  I asked if he had any feeling or movement in his hands yet & he did.  His right hand had some tingling, which was to be expected.  That's what I was hoping for...when you fall & land on your hands, it takes a little bit to regain full feeling.  We get to the car, after weeding through the students & teachers that are coming back inside from standing out in the parking lot.  I asked him if the nurse cleaned the wounds.  He said, "no, she just put gauze on them & taped them up."  What?  She didn't even wash them off before sealing them up?  How unsanitary!  So I get him home to further assess the damage & clean him up.  He had bruises & a lot of swelling, along with multiple sites where 2 & 3 layers of tissue were skinned completely off.    As I was cleaning him up, we were talking.  I asked him if he cried when it happened.  That was a stupid question because he's like his daddy...no tears no matter what.  He told me that he was laughing because he thought it was funny.  He had been racing a girl because they were learning about speed.  He said he knew he was going to fall because he felt it coming.  He said that he was running at full speed when he fell on the concrete.  When he got up everyone was laughing at him, including the teachers.  No one tried to help him at all.  I guess they thought that he was okay because he was laughing, but the teachers should've been more sympathetic.  He went to the nurse to get cleaned up, which she didn't do.  Then he told me that his teacher in the nextclass made him feel stupid in front of the entire class.  The teacher looked at another student & Chancey's fellow team mate on the baseball team & said "Layne, you need to go tell your coach that Chancey is going home because of a few scrapes."  Oh, when he told me that, I wanted to go up to that teacher & slap him!  I mean, way to build up Chancey's already low self esteem by making fun of him in front of a fellow student & team mate, not to mention the entire class.  As if he wasn't hating this school before today.  I told him that he only had 2 more months at this school & he'd be at the high school & things would be different there. 
     I've had to email a coach, the principal, & the school board about the coach calling someone the "R" word multiple times.  He has a teacher, the same one who watched him fall & laughed about it, who grades him by his behavior in class...NOT by his knowledge of the material she's teaching.  Now this teacher is making him feel even worse because I chose to bring him home to assess his wounds.  REALLY?  Didn't a woman die a few years ago from hitting her head on the ski slopes?  Didn't Billy Mays die from hitting his head on an airplane?  So is it not my perogative to bring my son home for my observation?  I mean what would you have done?  If your child calls you & tells you that he fell on concrete at school & he couldn't feel his hands?  Maybe I am overprotective, but what if I had left him there & he had a more serious injury?  I don't feel like it's that teacher's business & I think he should keep his opinions to himself.   

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