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Friday, March 11, 2011

Good news, bad news

     Well, I have some good news...
and some bad news.
     When asked, "which do you want first, the good news or the bad news" I always opt for the bad news first.  That way I can get the bad news out of the way & focus on the good news.  So here's the bad news.  I went to the doctor yesterday & found out that I will probably need major surgery pretty soon, surgery that I was told 15 years ago could NEVER happen.  I was supposed to have a procedure next Friday, the 18th, but I will have to postpone it because I won't have anyone to watch Troy or drive me home.  Also, Mack has a life long friend that is in Japan & we haven't heard anything from him.  We are praying for him & his wife, that all is well with them....that he doesn't have internet or cell phone service, that's why there's been no contact.
     Now, on to the good news!  Mack will be going to first shift next week (Chancey's birthday is Tuesday) & the next week.  This is awesome news for our family!  I wish it were a permanent situation, but God has His reasons why it's not.  He has to work tonight, but he'll be off Sunday night, so it's not so bad.  MORE good news!  Troy is following more commands, speaking more, comprehending more, & he took 6 steps yesterday.  Today, as a part of my little OT attempt, I introduced him to puzzles.  He would try to repeat the words I was saying when I was showing him what the pictures were.  He couldn't say a lot of them correctly, but he was working hard to try to.  He was concentrating on my mouth when I was speaking & you could tell he was really trying.  He also showed me where to put some of the pieces & actually put some pieces where they belong!  I wasn't at his PT appointment yesterday because I was at my doctor appointment, therefore I missed his 6 steps.  :(  But, I will see if we can get him to do a repeat performance when Mack wakes up this afternoon.  Also, his PT says that she'll bring a speech therapist with her when she comes next (3/24) to coach me on how to help Troy the best way I can.  I am so excited about that!  And, the virus that Chancey & I had is gone.  He went back to school today & hopefully he'll get to play in his baseball game tomorrow.
     Please remember the people of Japan & their loved ones in your prayers.

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