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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Field of Dreams

     Words can not express how proud I am of Chancey, my oldest son.  He has been through an awful lot to only be fourteen years old.  But he has taken all of the obstacles in life & turned them in to a positive.  Because of the trials we've been through, he is a much stronger person.  I wish he could've been spared the pain & heartache at such a young age, but I'm grateful for who he has become because of it all.  Here's an example of just how amazing he is:  Yesterday, we were sitting at the baseball field waiting on the game to start.  Chancey & the rest of the team were on the field warming up.  A few minutes later, Chancey came running to the fence.  He said, "Mama, look at that field over there.  There are a bunch of kids & adults with Down syndrome playing baseball."  You know me.  I immediately put Troy in his stroller & headed that way, my husband was right there with us.  We got up there & saw that it was the Field of Dreams.  I had heard about this field, but didn't know where it was.  The Field of Dreams was inspired by Flowery Branch native, Hall of Fame pitcher, Phil Neikro.  It is  a rubberized ADA accessible baseball field & an ADA accessible playground, that will meet the needs of children with physical & developmental disabilities.  As I saw these kids playing baseball, laughing, & having a wonderful time with their peers, I had to choke back the tears.  One young man hit the ball & then came in to score a run.  He was so proud of himself & so was everyone else there.  They all cheered for him & gave him high fives.  I thought to myself, I hope that will be Troy one day...out there playing & having fun with no one making fun of him or mocking him.  We stood there watching for a few minutes & left...didn't want to look like a stalker.  Seeing that just warmed my heart.  :)  Then on the way the home from the game, I was telling my husband about this story I read on one of the groups on facebook that I belong to.  A woman that has DS is living at home with her father.  She has a job, manages her own money, but her father is all she has.  His health is detierorating & he's afraid that when he dies that the state will put her in an institution.  I told my husband that we need to plan for Troy's future in case something happened to us both.  Chancey must have been listening in on our conversation instead of watching the DVD that I thought he was watching, because he spoke up.  He said, "Mama, Troy will live with me.  I'll take care of him if he's not able to live by himself."  I told him that his wife may not want that to happen, that one day he'll have a family of his own.  He said, "Troy is my brother.  My life is all about Down syndrome.  I will not be with a girl that doesn't accept Troy, that's just not an option.  I wear my Down syndrome awareness bracelets all of the time for Troy & he's a part of me."  Oh, I don't think I have ever been more proud of Chancey in my entire life!  He would actually put his brother before anything else, now that's love!  I know it has to be hard to be the sibling of a child with special needs.  I'm sure he feels like he's put on the back burner all of the time & that all of our attention goes to Troy.  Because, to tell you the truth, it does.  We are constantly working with him because we have to.  Troy requires more support & assistance, Chancey knows that.  He understands that we love them both the same, but Troy just can't do for himself just yet.  We tell Chancey all of the time how we did the same things for him when he was little, & he just says, "I know."  We are always trying to raise awareness for DS.  We wear our ribbons, bracelets, & shirts with pride & we have events that we attend year round for DS  awareness.  But  Chancey never complains, not one time.  I post a lot of things on facebook about Troy's accomplishments & about DS awareness, but Chancey never complains.   You know, I think it takes a beautiful soul to have a sibling with special needs.  You have to have a BIG heart & not have ONE jealous bone in your body.  Not one time has he ever resented Troy.  {In fact, on Monday, we were eating at Cracker Barrel & Chancey said, "You know, I wouldn't mind having a child with Down syndrome."  I thought to myself, if a fourteen year old young man wouldn't mind having a child with DS, why in the world would adults have a different opinion?}  He has never wished away the DS, now the heart condition is another thing.  He helps us out tremendously with Troy.  He helps Troy out & even teaches him a few things.  Their bond is simply inseperable & I thank God everyday for that, & for them.

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