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"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


     Troy's coordinator from Babies Can't Wait just left.  She wasn't able to see Troy because he was napping.  But she said that Troy is doing amazingly well!  She's going to try to get a speech therapist to come out with his PT & do a coaching visit.  This should help me to teach Troy more appropriately.  I think he could & would talk so much more if he had someone that knew what they were doing in charge.  But we have to wait for that to happen.  I wish that my insurance would cooperate & realize that Troy needs these services, we aren't trying to rip them off.  Troy had a recheck from his cardiologist on Thursday.  We found out that his heart is unchanged since his surgery in December!  :)  He says that it's possible that Troy's heart could grow & not need a valve replacement, but that he thinks it's not probable.  We're still praying for a miracle, because we know that God that He can preform one.
     Chancey is doing better at school.  I think he's finally adjusting.  I told him a few weeks ago that we would do our best to let him go back to his old school next year.  Then I mentioned it again to him on Thursday when we had the parent/teacher/student conference & he said that he wants to go to JHS.  They have a medical program there & he knows that he wants to be in the medical field when he grows up (I'm so proud).  He's also loving that he can play baseball.  He hasn't played since 5th grade because every time we signed him up at his old school, they haven't had enough players to make up a team.  That's the case at his old school again this year, too.  I can't wait to see him on that field again.  The last time he was on a baseball field I was deathly sick & couldn't enjoy the games, but I still went to every game.
     Mack found out that he has to go through some training courses & learn a few more things before topping out (pay wise) at his current position.  The team leader on 1st shift put in for a job at the new Wind Power plant & we're praying he gets it because if he does, Mack can take his position.  This 3rd shift is killing me!  He found out that a friend/co worker's girlfriend has lung cancer in both lungs.  We're praying that the doctors can cure her...she has a young daughter.
     We're trying to have another baby.  We were hoping that we were successful last month, but that's not the case.  That's okay, we can always keep on trying.  We were all a little let down, but this disappointment is much easier to deal with than a lot of things we've dealt with in the past.

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