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Friday, February 25, 2011

Something extra to love

     Last night, I gasped while watching Grey's Anatomy.  I couldn't believe that a medical show, my favorite show, was depicting Down syndrome (yes, it's Down syndrome, not Downs) as a burden.  Then, as I began watching Private Practice, I thought "maybe they'll do a positive show."  That didn't happen.  I can not believe that the writers of these shows did not research Down syndrome before airing an episode about it.  I have emailed ABC about this & I've also written on the facebook walls of both fan pages.  I'm hoping that the writers will receive an outpouring of responses & will make a positive episode about Down syndrome.  Perhaps they could allow Callie's baby to have Down syndrome & she could keep the baby, not abort it.  The way the media & society portrays Down syndrome is completely out dated & inaccurate.  I think this is exactly why 90% of parents that discover their child has Down syndrome has an abortion.  If they were able to spend one day with my son, I know they'd reconsider.  How can we, as viewers, allow this to happen?  {This isn't the only incorrect information that I've noticed on Grey's Anatomy.}  I'm seriously considering changing my viewing choices on Thursday evening.   
     I know having a child with any kind of special needs is a little different, you have to work a bit harder sometimes, but the rewards are so sweet.  Having any child is challenging at times.  As the mother of a teenage son & a toddler with Down syndrome, I understand.  But being their mother comes naturally, it's easy.  I wouldn't change one thing about either one of my boys.  God chose me to be their mother & I consider it a privilege, a blessing.  Maybe one day, the rest of society will see Down syndrome as just one extra little chromosome, because that's all it is.  One extra little chromosome that gives you something extra to love.

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