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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

School blues

Chancey has been having a hard time at school & it's been a HUGE struggle for me.  At the beginning of the school year of '09-'10, I took Chancey out of school because of Troy's medical issues.  The school had a lot of flu cases & H1N1 outbreaks, I couldn't take the chance of either one of my boys getting sick (& there were NO flu shots available), so I just home schooled Chancey & he was doing very well.  But we moved in February of last year, to a totally new district (same county, different school).   At the end of the school year, he decided that he didn't want to be home schooled, that he wanted to go to school.  Therefore, we enrolled him in public school.  He was very excited to be going back to school & to meet some new friends.  At first, Chancey liked school.  He didn't have as much homework as the school he went to previously (not home school, but the other school) & he could play football.  His previous school's football program was AWESOME, but you had to pay A LOT of $ to sign up, & here we just had to pay $15 for a T-shirt...that's it.  Chancey worked VERY hard to prove himself at school & on the field.  But the kids still teased him & he wanted me to take him out of school & home school him again.  I wanted to do that, SO BADLY....but I knew that if I did, I'd be teaching him that anytime the going gets tough that all you have to do is quit.  So I told him to stick it out.  I tried to tell him that some people are cruel & they just make fun of others to make themselves feel better.  He seems to understand what we're saying, but that doesn't make the teasing stop.  He has stuck it out.  But at this school, he's the minority....as a matter of fact, he tells me that he's the only white boy on the bus & everyone teases him for that.  We have told him to ignore the teasing & they'll eventually leave him alone, but the year is half over & it's not stopping.  This teasing & bullying is really affecting him, too.  He calls himself a fat loser, constantly!  My son is not fat, by any means, & he's a very intelligent boy, but he doesn't hear what I say, he only hears the words of the trolls.  My husband has been to the school speaking with the assistant principal with no success.  I have emailed & called the principal, vice principal, & the counselor & explained what's happening...they say they'll handle it, but they haven't.  Chancey has great grades...all a's & a few b's, but he never has any homework.  At the other school, he'd be covered in homework.  I like the fact that he doesn't have to spend every waking minute on homework, but I don't think he's learning as much as he should be.  They don't even have text books at this school.  Next year, he'll be in high school & I want him to go to a school that will prepare him for college, not just get him his diploma & get him out the door.  I want him to be the confident young man that I know he can be, but it's NOT going to happen while he's being treated like an outcast.  I am just at my wits end here....

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