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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Mack had to work last night & has to work again tonight...BOO!  But I guess the money will come in handy with Christmas fastly approaching.  Atleast I know he'll be off next Sunday night.  I sure hope he's off next Saturday too because it's our wedding anniversary.  I'm not to keen on celebrating though.  Last year on our 19th anniversary of the day we met is the day that we had to rush Troy to Egleston...the next morning is when he crashed & had to be put on life support.  Then on our wedding anniversary last year, we had a perfect evening planned & we had to rush Troy to Egleston AGAIN!  We ended up having our celebratory meal at Olive Garden after the Buddy Walk 2 days later.  But if he does have to work on Saturday night, we'll make the best of it.  With Troy's sensory issues, we can't go to a noisy place to eat, like Texas Roadhouse or Chili's & if we go to Olive Garden we have to go EARLY or wait forever.  We'll just have to play it by ear, I suppose!
Since Mack had to work, we'll have to do all of the things I had planned a little later than I wanted to.  I want to go to the Mule Camp festival here & then the Cumming Country Fair.  I wanted to go to the fair last night, but Chancey wanted his friend to come & he couldn't come until later in the evening...so hopefully I'll get to go before Mack goes to work tonight.  I can't ride anything with my back & Mack DOESN'T ride anything, but going to the fair reminds me of when Mack took me back in 1990...it was just perfect.  Plus Chancey is like me, he loves rides so he can enjoy it.  Making my kids happy makes me happy.  Maybe I can atleast ride the ferris wheel with Chancey. 
The Buddy Walk of Atlanta is next Sunday!  YAY!  I loved the Buddy Walk last year & we're all so excited to go this year.   I just wish we had more walkers for our team.  It just breaks my heart that we only have 7 walkers to support Troy.  But with it being on Sunday it is hard for people to justify missing church to drive 2 hours to walk 1/2 a mile.  I know that times are tough so it's hard for people to donate as well.  But I did order our team shirts yesterday!  Then I went to Michael's & bought the foam stickers for the poster we're making.  While I was there, I noticed that they had all of the supplies that I needed to make shirts myself.  I made our's last year, but A LOT of the teams had their shirts made & they all looked so nice so I ordered ours.  The shirts I ordered ended up only costing $8 per shirt...can't beat that. 

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