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Thursday, October 7, 2010


As we are working diligently to get Oprah to do a show on DS, I have heard several people say that we'd have to get someone famous with a DS connection for her to listen to us.  So I began researching that very topic.  I thought I'd use that as my blog for today. 

Sarah Palin (politician, former Alaskan governor) - son, Trigg
John C. McGinley (actor) - son, Max
Eva Longoria Parker (actress) - sister, Elizabeth
Jamie Foxx (actor, singer) - sister, DeOndra
Arthur Miller (playwright) - son, Daniel
David Ragan (NASCAR driver) - brother, Adam
Joe Diffie (country music singer), - son, Tyler
Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinals first baseman) - daughter, Isabella
Charles de Gaulle (French military leader) - daughter, Anne
Gene Stallings (Arizona Cardinals head coach) - son, Johnny
Beau Geisler (Stockton Thunder defenseman-hockey) - twin sons, Wyatt & Bryce
Bob Hennefer (Pro golfer) - son, Brad
Buddy Bell (retired baseball player & manager) - daughter, Tracy
Cullen Douglas (actor) - son, Gabriel
Trent Whitfield (Peoria Riverman captain-hockey) daughter, Alstyn
Damon Hill (Formula One driver '90's) - son, Oliver
Rex Hudler (retired baseball player & Angels announcer) - son, Cade
Emily Perl Kingsley (Sesame Street writer & author of Welcome to Holland) - son, Jason
Jim O'Brien (Indiana Pacers coach) - daughter, Caitlyn
Heath Bell ( San Diego Padres pitcher) - daughter, Jordyn
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans (actor & actress) - daughter, Robin
Julie Newmar (actress) - son, John
Hubert Humphrey (former Vice President) - granddaughter, Victoria
Pete Sessions (Texas Congressman) - son, Alex
Lowell Weicker (former governor of Connecticut) - son, Jonathan
Beverly Beckham (writer for Boston Globe) - granddaughter, Lucy
George Will (journalist) - son, Jon
Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington Congresswoman) - son, Cole
Charles Darwin (naturalist) - son, Charles W. Darwin
Halle Berry (actress) - nephew
Frank Sesno (CNN special correspondent) - sister
Aaron Beasley (Atlanta Falcons player) - uncle

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