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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When we received the news that our son could have Down syndrome, I began to research it immediately.  The information was pretty general in telling us what to expect.  I really didn't learn anything more than I knew before researching Down syndrome.  I was highly disappointed!  I remember thinking, "Why doesn't a parent with a child with Down syndrome create a website for expectant parents just like me?!"  I wanted to prepare myself for the worst that way I wouldn't be crushed if the worst case scenario happened & I just kept reading & hearing that the severity varies...you really don't know until your child is born & develops.  I was not ready for that.  I wanted information right then because I am very impatient.  I tried to accept that I wouldn't know what to expect until he was born, but that was an awful long 7 months to have to wait!  Then we really wouldn't know his mental capacity, physical strength, or social skills so I'd have to wait even longer!  It really didn't matter because I loved my child from the time I found out that I was pregnant, but I needed to prepare myself.  I am ashamed now to have been so vain, but I was.  I knew that God had gave me the child that He wanted me to have so I just prayed for God's strength & wisdom.  As each day passed, I found myself not worrying about things as much...since I had left it at God's feet I knew He would walk by my side through each & every day.  And He has walked with me & my family each step of every day.  My son may not be perfect to anyone else, but he is perfect to me, my husband, Chancey, & GOD...that's all that really matters.  Troy can't communicate like most 20 month old children can, but we understand him.  He can't walk without assistance just yet, but we will carry him until he can.  He doesn't eat like typical children, but he is well nourished.  He doesn't look like other children his age, but he is the most handsome toddler to us...no one compares to Troy.  Troy has small ears, a bridge-less nose, almond shaped eyes, & a small stature, but he's still the spitting image of his daddy!  Other children hit their milestones & their parents dote for a little while & write it in their baby book, but when Troy hits a milestone we will never forget it!  You can ask me when a certain milestone happened & I can tell you what day it happened & I might be able to tell you what he was wearing (LOL).  He is the most loving person you'll ever meet!  He loves to snuggle & give kisses....he even blows kisses & waves to strangers.  He will try to imitate everything you do, he may not do it the way you just did it, but he will give it his all.  He's very determined, strong, & STUBBORN!  How many people do you know that has had 2 open heart surgeries that were 2 months apart & bounce back like nothing ever happened...never a whimper or one single complaint?  I know he was too young to complain, but he was such a trooper through it all...he even rolled over & was pushing up on his arms just 2 & 1/2 weeks after his 2nd surgery.  He is a miracle in so many ways!  Yes, he is different from typical children...but typical is boring!  When you look at him, you may see another child with Down syndrome, but when I look at him, I see an angel here on Earth sent straight from the hands of God just for me & my family.

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