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"As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible & trust God with the impossible." ~Ruth Bell Graham

"Never look down on someone, unless you're helping them up!"

Friday, October 29, 2010


Below is a video of Troy from this morning.  I took it while Mack was cooking me breakfast.  Yes, he actually cooked for me & no it wasn't a grilled cheese.  He made bacon, eggs, & toast.  It was delicious!  :)  Hope you enjoy the video!
We had a scare with Troy late this morning & I'm keeping an eye on him to make sure he's okay.  He seems to be okay, but I am taking every precaution until I KNOW all is well.  Gotta trust those motherly instincts!
Mack has to work tonight, but he's off tomorrow.  Since Troy's scare this morning, Mack hasn't slept at all.  We took the kids trick or treating on the square so he didn't get in the bed until around 5 pm & he hs to leave for work at 10 pm.  At least he gets one day off this week!  :)

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  1. what a sweet video, he sounds so cute when he blows a kiss