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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


     If the weather permits, we will be taking the boys to a friend's church for their trunk or treat this evening.  We are currently under a tornado watch until 8:00 pm & it has been storming on & off all day.  It is very unseasonable warm for the end of October.  It has been around 85 degrees here during the day...I'm ready for cooler weather!
     We have decided to take the boys trick or treating on Saturday this year.  I know that the last time Halloween fell on a Sunday we took Chancey trick or treating on Saturday & that many people feel the same way we do about the subject so they will be also giving out candy on Saturday.  It's not that we don't agree with trick or treating on Sunday.  We go to church & our church is having a Family Fun Night on Halloween.  If we wait until after church, it will be too late for the boys to trick or treat.  Plus, my husband works nights, so he'll be leaving for work at 10 pm.  If we go to church on Sunday morning & night plus trick or treat, Mack won't have time to sleep much at all.  Not to mention, he has been working 7 days a week.  So it's not that we're all 'holier than thee', we just have other plans.  We know that Halloween is not the devil's holiday...we know the origin.  I've just been catching a ton of negative comments about our decision.  God is first & for most, not candy.  I can go buy my boys the candy they like if no one else is giving out candy on Saturday, but I know they will be because some people are in the same situation as we are.  I just feel like the entire trick or treating experience is a family event for us & I don't want to take that from the boys. 
     Troy had PT yesterday.  He wasn't able to have it earlier this month so I was anxious for him to have it (He only has it twice a month).  She was so amazed at his progress!  She even said that she "couldn't be more pleased!"  She observed him side stepping, crawling on his hands & knees, pulling to stand, & following commands.  I value her knowledge & opinion very highly.  She has been doing this for over 20 years, with strictly DS babies/kids.  Therefore I asked her a few questions.  As you may know, I have been seriously thinking that Troy needs more therapy than he's getting.  I feel like he needs OT & speech.  So I asked her thought on that.  She advised me that "Troy is well above the average child with DS."  She said that very few of her patients can verbalize the way he does & they can't follow commands like he does.  I asked her opinion about sign language for Troy.  She knows that I have tried to teach him some words in sign language.  She said that "sign language is a great resource for people that can't understand what their kids want & for kids to be able to express to their parents what they want.  But Troy can verbalize what he wants & you can understand him.  So he doesn't need to use sign language right now.  If someone pushes it on you, just tell them that he can communicate without it but if the time comes when he can't, we'll try it."  Mack & I agreed from the time I was pregnant that we would wait to see if he could communicate with us & if not, then we'd revert to signing.  But that we wanted to give him the chance to speak.  I thought that maybe we had made the wrong decision & that we waited too long to start teaching him to sign.  I felt so awful.  But he started saying words to communicate before he was a year old.  I was so glad to hear that we didn't screw up!  This is exactly why I wish we had a support group in my area (I'm trying to get one together, but have only received 2 responses so far).  We could use each other's experiences!  I know that every child is different, DS or not, but it would be nice to have a peer group.  I don't know if Troy should be verbalizing more at 21 months than he does.  But he can say the following:  mama, daddy (not dada anymore...YAY), Chancey, Kinsey (our dog), bye bye, yes, bite bite, eat, Elmo, candy, num num, ball, wee, Dana, Grandpa, who is this (EVERY time he sees a phone or hears one ring), baby, & nay-nay (for Nanky...his sippy cup).  He also knows when we say no that he's not supposed to do that, so he stops.  He can wave when you say hey or bye & he knows how to blow kisses.  He knows when we go through a drive thru too because he will say "bite bite"  "eat" until you give him a bite.  He knows if you sneak a piece of candy out of the candy dish too & he comes up to you & goes, "num num!"  He knows the dog's name is Kinsey, but we also call her by her middle name (Lu Lu or Lu for short) so I think that confuses him, therefore he just says "woof woof" when he sees her or any dog.  He watches Curious George & when he sees him he says "oooo oooo", & when he sees a monkey he does that as well.  He can meow like a cat when he sees one & he goes "bbbbbuuu" when asked what a horse says or sees one.  He can point to some of his body parts when asked.  If you say, "Troy, where's your little shirt" he will pull on it.  I'm probably leaving somethings out.  But after speaking with his therapist, I'm thinking that maybe I've been stressing about his progress a little too much.  I can't help it though, I just want the best for my boys!

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