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Monday, October 25, 2010


Troy is side stepping more & he's starting to move from furniture to furniture!  He went from the couch to the coffee table all by himself earlier today.  He is starting to pull himself up more without any assistance.  I'm still hopeful that he'll be walking by his second birthday.  I feel like if he could've stayed with his PT with BCW (Babies Can't Wait) that he would be walking by now.  He missed his last PT appointment because he was sick, but he has one tomorrow. :)
Chancey got his report card last week & he did very well!  He had 3 A's & 3 B's.  I am very proud of him.  He wasn't able to complete the try outs for the basketball team at school because of his illness, but we're looking into getting him on a team at the YMCA or through the city.  He loves playing sports & he was so disappointed that he couldn't finish tryouts.  But I couldn't allow him to exert himself & make himself any sicker.  He's still really sick, but he's taking all of the medication the doctor gave him.  I'm hoping he's better by this weekend so he can go trick or treating with his brother.  They missed going trick or treating last year because Troy was sick.  Troy was really too little to go last year, but I want him to go this year.  I don't allow him to eat candy (he did manage to eat an entire Reece's cup one day), but I will allow him to at least taste some of it.  He's VERY picky too.  But I'm sure someone here will eat his candy (LOL).  Speaking of Halloween, we still haven't got Chancey's costume.  He can't really decide what he wants to be.  He wants to be someone scary, but I don't want him to frighten Troy.  I also don't know when to do the trick or treating.  We have a church function to attend on Sunday evening.  The businesses on the square in Gainesville will be giving out candy on Friday.  I know the last time Halloween fell on Sunday that we took Chancey trick or treating on Saturday.  I guess we'll try it on Saturday because many people are in the same situation that we are, with the church thing.  I don't think it's really appropriate to trick or treat on Sunday anyway, even though it is actually Halloween.  ~Maybe Mack will actually be off one day this weekend!

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